Monday, October 31, 2016

Marvelous Monday - Halloween!!

This morning, the students came in and had time to work on unfinished tasks such as the decomposition of bread observation, the main idea activities, and the examples of symbiosis follow up.  After the announcements, we began science.

Today, during science, the students worked independently on two assignments in Google Classroom.  First, the students watched a Discovery Education video to learn the roles humans play in the food web.  Also, they were expected to be able to explain the difference between a food web and food chain after viewing the lesson.  After watching the video, the students completed a follow up, fill-in-the-blank exercise.

Next, the children read a Google Slides presentation explaining how the body uses food.  Before reading they made a list of how they thought food is used.  Then, as they read the slides, they highlighted ways the body uses food.  After reading, the children returned to their lists, and using the highlighted portion of the text, they added and removed ways our body uses energy.

After science, we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we began our rottions.

During the small group, teacher-led, instruction we practiced representing and solving comparative word problems involving any operation (not just multiplication) and with unknowns in any position.

During math with a partner, the students played a card game, similar to the game Headbandz, that helped them increase their multiplication fluency.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students worked on increasing their multiplication facts fluency using 3 different games linked on Google Classroom.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When we returned to class we played Kahoot to brush up on identifying the main idea nad supporting details.

Then the students changed into their costumes and we celebrated Halloween with a fun parade and fabulous party.  :-)

Finally, we wound down by enjoying some healthy snacks and watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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