Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thrilling Thursday - Interims

Before I get started on our day, I wanted to let you know that Interim progress reports (these are not report cards) will be coming home in home folders this evening.  These are yours to keep.  They will let you know how your child is doing at this halfway point in the first marking period.

On to our way...

This morning the students had a chance to complete a WTW assignment prior to the announcements.  Then we began our science lesson.

Today, students worked with a partner, or two, to read about how a Native American society, either the Eastern Woodlands or the Great Plains, used their environment to meet their clothing needs.  Then they shared their information with another group, at their table, who read about the other society.  Together they compared and contrasted how these two tribes met their clothing needs.

Next we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.

During the small group, teacher led instruction, we continued estimating and solving multi-digit subtraction problems and then checking our answers using addition.

During math with a partner, the student engaged in math discourse as they estimated and solved multi-digit subtraction problems and checked their answers using addition.  Then they solved subtraction problems with missing digits.

Finally, during the technology rotation, students completed a subtraction assignment on Prodigy.  If they finished early, they used Xtra Math to practice the basic facts.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class we began our literacy block.  We reviewed how to paraphrase text and I modeled paraphrasing a paragraph in writing.

While I met with guided reading groups the students worked on the following tasks.  First they chose a paragraph from their guided reading book to paraphrase in their reading journal.  Then they worked on the final draft of the two informative paragraphs naming and explaining how their Native American tribe used geographic features to survive.  Finally, the students took notes on a Learn Zillion lesson demonstrating how to use conjunctions to write compound sentences.

Pink:  Together we paraphrased page 4 in the book, Road Trip, by using synonyms and rearranging the order of words. Then we reviewed their flashcards.  HW: Read pages 10-16 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Blue:  We tried to review the paragraph the students paraphrased but there were many challenges.  So, instead, we read pages 4-5 and marked the roles of the wolf pack.  Then the students paraphrased the role of the leader in their reading and writing journal. HW: Read pages 8-16 and list unknown words.

Orange:  In group students shared their paraphrased versions of paragraphs from the text.  We identified and discussed what they did well!  HW: Read pages 21-27.

Green:  In group students shared their paraphrased versions of paragraphs from the text.  We identified and discussed what they did well!  HW: Read pages 21-27.

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