Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.  I began by modeling the read to self independent assignment that all groups completed.  I demonstrated how to use an online Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the facts, about the Statue of Liberty, found in Emma's Poem and in The Statue of Liberty:  A Gift from France.

After that, the children worked independently to complete the Venn Diagram using their notes from guided reading groups and the two texts.  Then they practiced their word work words writing each once in print and again in cursive.  Finally, they continued publishing and illustrating their realistic fiction picture books.

In small group, with ALL groups, we shared and discussed the facts they placed on their online Venn Diagrams.  Each group will be getting new guided reading groups on Monday, when we begin our unit on Traditional Tales.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

After lunch I had an in-house planning meeting to attend.  The children had a substitute who followed my plans.

They began with a Train Your Brain in math.  Then they began their math rotations.

During the small group lesson each group began with a multiplication basic fact pre-test and then worked on multiplying multiples of ten.

During math with a partner, the children worked on their basic multiplication fact fluency by playing either Factors Pathway or Four in a Row.  Both are board games they had played earlier in the week.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students worked on their basic fact fluency using Xtra Math.

During our math block the students went to art with Mrs. Daniell.

We will have a quiz on the basic multiplication facts word problems, just the facts.

HOMEWORK is on Google Classroom.

After math, the students had a chance to share the decision trees they made to match the responsible financial decision making scenarios earlier in the week.

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