Friday, April 22, 2016

TGIF - Report Card Day

After watching the morning announcements, we began our literacy block.  I began by modeling adding questions that I am wondering about to my research note taking chart.  Then I began researching my topic.  As luck would have it, this did not go smoothly.  So, the students saw how I utilized different search engines and key words during my search.    I also demonstrated how to add notes, from my research to the chart, and site my sources by copying and posting the Internet address onto the chart.

While I met with individuals, to continue the April informal reading assessments, and guided reading groups, the students worked on the following independent assignments.

ALL reading groups created comic strips, either in their RRJ or using an online Comic Creator, to retell the main events in their myth.  After that they completed a meaning check using 10 more of their word work words.  Next, a few students had to complete the science habitat worksheet.  Finally, the children began researching, and taking notes, on their Genius Hour project.

Pink:  We met and shared some of the comics that the students created.  The children explained what they drew and why.  We also had a chat about being sure that the children know what is expected of them (in this case retelling the story) and then addressing that, not something else (such as the theme).  I collected their books and we will begin reading fables on Monday.

Green:  We met and shared some of the comics they created.  The children shared what they drew to identify the main events.  Then I collected their texts.  We will begin reading fables on Monday.

Blue:  We met and shared their comic strips retelling the main events of their myth.  The I collected their books.  We will begin a new story on Monday.

After our literacy block the children enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

I left early due to a religious holiday.

This afternoon, with the substitute, the students took a math quiz.  These will be graded by me and sent home on Monday.

Then they shard homework writing journal entries.  After that they had a short class meeting beginning with a group share and then exchanging thank yous and compliments.

Finally, they ended the day with a Class Dojo celebration, Game Day Afternoon.

Report Cards were distributed before dismissal.  PLEASE keep the actual report card and return the SIGNED EMPTY ENVELOPE on Monday.

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