Friday, November 20, 2015


This morning I was out of the classroom at an in-house training session.  While I was gone the students were under the care of a substitute who met with guided reading groups.

During the literacy block the children read a poem and identified the author's, as well as their own, point of view.  Then they used my feedback, and worked with a partner, to revise and edit their narrative poem.  After that they completed unfinished cursive practice sheets.

All guided reading groups began with a 10 word, word work quiz.  Then they reread, "Fireflies in the Garden," and identified the author's point of view, citing examples from the poem to support their thinking.

After enjoying outdoor recess and lunch, I rejoined the group, and we visited the media center to take part in an introductory lesson for next inquiry project, changes in technology , over time, to meet human wants and needs.  Today the children shared their background knowledge, explored resources, and chose a topic.

After that we shared homework writing journal entries.

Then we ended our day with our weekly class meeting.  Today we began by sharing the things for which we are thankful.  I am so very thankful for having two wonderful sons, a class full of students whom I truly adore, and my parents.

After that we exchanged compliments and thank yous.  Then we discussed challenges, including the noise level in the classroom, getting confused during instructional time, and the teacher (me!) talking too fast!

I did not get a chance to grade the word work quizzes.  I will do that over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!  :-)

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