Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday - A Day of Celebrations!!

This morning students had the chance to work on unfinished assignments or get help from me before our math quiz this afternoon.

Then, after the announcements, we celebrated Halloween with a fabulous parade and party.

After the party, the students, once again, had time to complete unfinished work and get help from me in preparation for the math quiz.

Next the children enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When we returned to class, they took a math quiz covering division.

The quizzes have been graded and returned to students.  PLEASE look these over...especially the second word problem.  MANY students had the correct equation but their picture was not drawn according to the word problem...I made note of this on the quiz.  Today, they could still earn a P if the equation was correct, even if the picture was not.  Next time, however, the picture will have to accurately depict the wording in the problem.

After the quiz, students shared their homework writing journal entries.

Then we had our class Dojo reward, a camp out!  The children enjoyed smores and watched a movie.

Check the weekly newsletter for the field trip permission slip.
NO school for students this Monday.  It's a teacher work day.

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