Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

Just a couple of reminders...

PARCC resumes tomorrow.  We will be eating lunch at 1:20 tomorrow and Friday.  PLEASE send your child with a healthy snack  on these days.

Also, please return the signed permission slip and $4 for our Tarzan field trip as soon as possible.

On to today...

After reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center, or practicing keyboarding, we began our math rotations.

Today's small group, teacher-led instruction focused on comparing fractions with like numerators, using <, >, or =.  During math with a partner, the students completed a worksheet comparing fractions with like denominators and then played Go Darth, an equivalent fraction card game similar to Go Fish.  Finally, during the technology portion, the students watched, and took notes on, two Learn Zillion lessons.  One focused on comparing fractions with like numerators.  The other involved comparing fractions with like denominators.

After math we took a GO Noodle brain break and then reviewed today's independent work assignments for literacy block.

First students completes independent guided reading tasks.  After that they worked on their realistic fiction picture book.  Today I have added an Educreations lesson modeling writing the problem paragraph/page.  The children were expected to use this and their own screencast recording to write the rough draft for the problem.  Next, students completed a word work activity.  Then they  read and answered questions about culture (social studies) and finished their fake Facebook page representing their assigned African American.

As the students worked, I met with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  In group, the students whisper read chapter 1, as I listened in.  Then we discussed the skill of writing a summary and the students took notes, in their RRJ, about it.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students went to PE.  We usually go to PE at the end of the day on Wednesdays, but due to PARCC testing, we switched with fourth grade.

When we finally returned to the classroom, the children continued working independently and I met with more guided reading groups.

Panthers:  Independently the students read chapter 7 and, in their RRJ, they drew a picture for the beginning, middle, and end, and wrote a caption under each.  They also wrote their word work words using one color for consonants and another for vowels.  Once in group we shared their beginning, middle, and end pictures and captions.  Then I modeled writing a summary of this chapter and the children copied it into their RRJ.

Leopards:  Independently, the students read chapter XXII and wrote a summary of it in their RRJ.  They also used 10 of their word work words in the Give Me a Clue activity.  In group we reread the chapter and I modeled writing a summary, thinking aloud as I did so.  Then the students drew a line of learning under their summary and copied mine.  We analyzed the two for similarities and differences.

Lions:  Independently the students read chapter 23 and wrote a summary in their RRJ.  They also used 10 of their word work words in the Give Me a clue activity.  IN group we reread and discussed the chapter.  Then I modeled writing a summary, thinking out loud as I did so.  The students drew a line of learning under their summary and copied mine.  Finally, the children analyzed the two summaries and identified things they did well and what could have been improved.

We ended with the day with a brief review of how heat is transferred, and conductors and insulators.

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