Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to PARCC - Day 1 (reading/language arts) AND Progress Reports

Welcome back!!  We have had quite the adventure with winter weather lately, haven't we??

When the students came in this morning, they checked in on the Promethean board, visited the rest room, and then read quietly.

Once everyone, and everything was settled, we took the first session of the reading and language arts PARCC.  The children put a lot of effort into the test and could be seen using their strategies!!

Once we were done with today's testing session, the students had a chance to eat the snack they brought from home and unwind for a bit.

Then we began our math rotations.

During the small group, teacher-led instruction, we constructed number lines and used Cuisenaire rods to locate, label and identify equivalent fractions.

During math with a partner, the students created a flap book, in their math journal, identifying fractions equivalent to 1/2.  Then they played Fraction Contraption which practices identifying equivalent fractions.  During both activities the students were expected to engage in math discourse.

Finally, during the technology portion of math, the students played the online version  of Fraction Matching Game to practice identifying equivalent fractions.

Unfortunately, we only got through one math rotation before it was time to enjoy indoor recess and lunch.

After lunch and indoor recess I modeled how to use an app called Screencastify.  I then demonstrated how to use the 6 index cards, which I created as part of planning my realistic fiction picture book, to tell my story.  The students then attempted to use Screencastify and their index cards to tell their story.  Unfortunately, their was a glitch in the settings, which we fixed, but the students will need to redo their Screencasts.  Eventually, the children will watch their SCreencasts as they write their rough drafts.

At the end of the day I distributed interim progress reports.  These are yours to keep!

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