Friday, March 13, 2015

Fantastic Friday--A Visit with Mr. Wims' Family!!

This morning the students came in visited the restroom and read quietly.  Once we were all settled, the students took the second, and final, unit of the math PARCC assessment.  I was proud of the way they tackled this task.  I noticed students working carefully and using strategies!!

After PARCC we took a quick snack break.

Then I reviewed some of the key points to remember as they continue drafting their realistic fiction picture books.  Next, the students worked independently, while I met with several individuals, using my Educreations lessons and their own screencasts to draft the first two failed attempts at solving the problem.

During this time we took a break to visit with Mr. Wilson Wims' daughter and cousin.  They answered the children's questions providing a lot of information about growing up in Clarksburg during segregation.  It was so interesting!!

After writing and the visit with the Wims family,  the children enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When they returned to class we began an long, overdue class meeting.  We began with an unfortunate occurrence from today's recess and lunch, that involved students in our class teasing another student from our class.  Once we addressed this issue we moved on to our group share.

During group share the children had a chance to tell what was on their mind.  This led a couple of children expressing sadness over the loss of a relative.  We spend time talking and helping one another feel better...there were a few tears, but I think, in the end, everyone felt better.

Next we exchanged thank yous and compliments.  This is always a highlight because I find out about acts of kindness that I may have missed!  :-)

Finally, we ended with challenges.  The students wanted to discuss the name calling and teasing issue.  We brainstormed ways to end this challenge.  Students shared the need to stand up for one another in various ways!

Monday is a regular day but we will have our final day of PARCC testing on Tuesday...with a later lunch and a snack from home!  :-)

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