Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, after reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center, or practicing keyboarding, we began our math rotations.

During the small group, teacher-led instruction, we reviewed comparing fractions, and multiplied one-digit numbers by multiples of ten.

During math with a partner, the children played multiplication war, again, to practice memorizing the basic facts.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the children revisited the site, That's a Fact, to practice solving basic multiplication and division facts.

For HOMEWORK there is an assignment on Google Classroom, the homework page.  Students will use 2 links to practice the 7's and 8's facts.

After math we took a Go Noodle brain break.

Then we began our literacy block.

We reviewed the rubric I will use to grade the final, published copy of the realistic fiction picture book.  Then we listed, on the flip chart, the rules for using capitalization.

After that, we discussed today's independent tasks.

Students began with an independent guided reading group activity.  Then they focused on revising their rough draft, and publishing and illustrating their final copy of their realistic fiction picture book.  If they completed these assignments they  practiced writing the letter Z in cursive.

While the students work independently, I met with reading groups.

Tigers:  In group we reviewed the main idea for the last two pages of chapter 4 (the students had attempted to complete this independently yesterday).  Then we discussed Andrew's reaction to the freckle juice and what the author wants us to think about Sharon.  After that, the children returned to their seats and, in their RRJ, they explained how Andrew reacted to the freckle juice.  For HOMEWORK they need to read chapter 5 and list any unknown words on the sticky note I provided.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the children continued working independently, while I met with more guided reading groups.

Leopards:  Independently, the students reread their book up to the sticky note and then, in their RRJ, identified supporting details for the main idea that popcorn can be cooked in many ways.  In group we reviewed the key details that they wrote about.  Then the children continued reading until an assigned stopping point to identify where most popcorn is consumed.  Next they read to find out why some kernels remain unpopped.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread up to the sticky note.

Lions:  Independently the children reread chapter 28 and identified the main idea for each page in their RRJ.  Then they selected one of the pages, and main ideas, and identified two key details, from the text, that supported it.  In group we reviewed their main ideas for each page and shared the one for which they identified 2 supporting details.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 29.

Panthers:  Independently the students reread up to their sticky note and, in their RRJ, identified 3 key details to support the main idea that there are many types of corn.  In group we reviewed the supporting details.  Then the students continued reading to find supporting details for the idea that popcorn is cooked in many ways.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read , from the beginning of the book, up to the sticky note.

After literacy, the students finished constructing their Keep-a-Cube and determined the procedure they will follow to observe their ice cube when we test them.

Then we defined the concept of a responsible financial decision, we shared examples and I introduced a decision tree as a strategy to help make them.

We had a productive day today!!

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