Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning we welcomed a new student to class!!

After reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center, or practicing keyboarding skills, we began our math rotations.

During the small group rotation, the students practiced the 7s facts.  Then we used side measurements of a rectangle to determine the area.  Some students extended their thinking to determine one of the side lengths when given the area and one side length.

When doing math with a partner, the students played a game called Condition 7.  This game practices the 7s facts but also involves some logic and reasoning.  As always, math discourse is a must!

The technology rotation had students solving area word problems using

For homework there is an area word problem on Google Classroom.

Following our math block we took a Go Noodle brain break and then began our literacy block.

Disclaimer:  I fully believe in the impact of small group instruction.  However, sometimes it is necessary to pull the group together and teach the whole group at once.

With that said, we began our literacy block by reviewing base words (root words), prefixes and suffixes using a Mr. Potato Head as an analogy.  Basically, we play with Mr. Potato Head by putting parts together and taking them apart, the same way we build words using prefixes and/or suffixes.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we reviewed the concept of process.  After reviewing the t-charts they created while viewing the Building a House slideshow, it became very apparent that the idea of a process was not something the students understood.  SO, before independent work time, I explained what it meant and we revisited the slideshow so I could model how to identify the process used during the building of a home.

After that, we finally turned our attention to independent literacy tasks.  All students will begin with individual reading group assignments.  After that, they will type their rough draft (for the inquiry project) onto a Google doc.  This is still considered a rough draft but I need it as a Google doc so that we can continue with our revision.  Once that is complete, the students will complete a flip book, in their RRJ, identifying 3-5 words for each of 3 prefixes and 2 suffixes.  Then the students have been told they can redo their science materials and processes t-chart to get a better grade (in light of our new learning).  Finally, they can choose to read or write by themselves or with a partner.

While the students worked independently I met with some small groups and some individual students.  Due to the arrival of our new friend and the need to conduct a couple of whole group lessons, there was some disruption to our regular routine.

Tigers:  We reviewed the -er sound and lists with words that have this pattern.  After that I explained that good readers ask themselves questions as they read in order to help them focus on text and improve comprehension.  Then I modeled identifying facts from their book and turning the fact into a question.  The students created a t-chart in their RRJ  and copied the chart I created.

Panthers:  First, the children answered the question on page 4, in their book, that we discussed in group yesterday, in writing in their RRJ.  In group we reviewed last night's homework of reading the Did you know? box on page 5, and identifying a fact and writing a question to match, in their RRJ.  we shared and discussed several responses and I modeled an exemplar which the students added to their t-charts in their RRJs.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 6 and 7 and add one fact, and create a question that matches the fact, to the t-chart in their RRJ.

Leopards:  Independently the students read the Say it with a Kanga section on page 7 and added a fact and a question to the t-chart in their RRJ.  In group we shared and discussed the wording of the facts and questions they wrote.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 8-9 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Lions:  Independently the students read pages 6 and 7 and added one fact and a question that it would answer to the t-chart in their RRJ.  Unfortunately, the group didn't get a chance to meet and review the homework and today's independent work.  I did assign homework, though.  For HOMEWORK the students have to reread pages 6 and 7 and ask a write a new question, that can be answered from information in the section, to ask their group mates tomorrow.

The students ended their day in PE with Mr. Benco.

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