Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Winter Break...

First, I need to thank all of you for spoiling me rotten!  You should see my desk right now...well, you can't see it because it is covered with presents!  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

On to our day...
After exchanging books in the media center, reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, we began our math rotations.  During small group instruction, the students continued investigating unit fractions using Cuisenaire rods.  A couple of key points; a fraction is a comparison of parts to whole and the size of a fraction is determined by its relationship to the whole.

During math with a partner the children finished the vocabulary flip they began yesterday and then has the chance to revisit any of the math games we have played this year.

During the technology portion students revisited any of the math sites that are linked to the third grade web site.

After math we discussed today's literacy block but didn't get a chance to get started due to an early lunch.

The students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess from 10:45-11:45 today because adjustments had to be made to the schedule so that the entire school could enjoy a holiday band concert performed by the Clarksburg High School marching band.

After recess the students had time to work on any unfinished work from the past week.  Then we were treated to a holiday concert performed by the Clarksburg HS marching band.  They were excellent!  The students especially enjoyed the closing number, Let it Go, from Frozen...at least the girls did!

When we returned to class, we enjoyed a special treat disguised as a science experiment!  For several weeks we have been identifying the observable properties of materials and then how heating and cooling can changes those properties.  Well, today we used cooling to change the observable properties of milk...into...ice cream!!

We ended the day with a class meeting.  First we shared one thing we are looking forward to over break and then we discussed some challenges.

Have a wonderful Winter Break...Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

See you next year!!

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