Friday, December 19, 2014

TGIF - Hour of Code

This morning after exchanging books in the media center, reading quietly or practicing keyboarding skills, the students took the week 7 formative (quiz) in math.  This quiz focused on representing and solving one-step word problems involving all operations.

After that, we shared our weekly homework writing journals.

Next we reviewed the independent work.  The assignments have basically remained the same but I did emphasize a few things and modeled how a typed copy of the inquiry project should look like (properly aligning the text, indenting the first line, etc.).

Students were told to review their independent reading group assignments because they would be graded.  Then they were to finish revising the first and second paragraphs of the inquiry project, based on my feedback from writing conferences, and read them to a friend.  Next they needed to be sure they typed up both paragraphs correctly.  After that they watched the video about thermometers and completed a 3-2-1 note taking sheet in their science journal. Then they finished their practicing the letters r and s in cursive, listening to the BES book and rating it, and practicing their reading by themselves or with a partner.

While students worked independently I met with guided READING groups.

Tigers:  First we reviewed the various ways to spell the long /e/ sound but put special emphasis on the -y at the end of a word.  Then we practiced decoding the words they identified as unknown for homework last night.  After that the students whisper read pages 10-12 as I listened in.  Then we identified a fact on page 11 and wrote a green, right there, question that it would answer.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the children continued working independently while I met with more guided reading groups.

Leopards:  Independently they reread pages 8-11 and, in their RRJ, described how beans are prepared to make chocolate.  In group, we began by reviewing cause (why) and effect (what happened) and the examples they wrote for homework many nights ago.  Then we shared their written descriptions of how beans are prepared to make chocolate.  Finally, I modeled how to write a good response to the same question they answered.

Panthers:  Independently they read pages 12 and 13 and wrote one right there, green question, on a t-chart in their RRJ.  In group we shared their questions. Finally, we practiced answering their questions in complete sentences.

Lions:  Independently the students reread pages 10-15 and explained, in writing in their RRJ, how film becomes a photograph.  In group I reviewed the responses and then modeled how to use the book BUT write in their own words to write a complete answer.

The day ended with us taking part in the Hour of Code, with the help of Mr. Vogel.  The students were actually coding...ask them about it and visit!

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