Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

This morning the students read quietly or practiced keyboarding skills.  After the announcements we began math rotations.

Today, during the small group teacher led instruction, the groups will be working on various tasks.  The first group practiced determining the area of rectilinear figures.  The second one completed the second, of five, tasks for determining placement in next year's compacted math class.  Finally, the third group practiced solving one step word problems using all operations.

During math with a partner the students played a Clip and Cover game that practiced creating word problem situation and the basic multiplication facts.

Finally, during the technology portion, the students practiced the basic multiplication facts using the site, Multiplication Tables - Matching Cards.

For HOMEWORK there is a word problem on Google Classroom.

After math we had a GO Noodle break and then reviewed today's independent work assignments.

Today students will begin by completing independent reading group tasks.  Then they will begin planning the third, and final, paragraph for the inquiry project.  In this paragraph the students will state their opinion as to the most significant change (evolution) for their technology tool.  Today, though, they will watch a Learn Zillion lesson about organizing facts to write an opinion paragraph and they will complete a graphic organizer, stating their opinion and 2 facts/details to support it.

Once students have completed their reading group and writing activities they will work on assignments that they didn't finish yesterday.  These include reading about how people modify their environment in the desert regions, and completing a capture sheet, practicing the letters h and k in cursive, and listening to the book, What if You Had Animal Teeth?, and rating it on the Black Eyed Susan rating sheet, that we will use for voting purposes later this year.

While the students worked independently, I met with reading groups.

Tigers:  We began by reviewing the t-chart from last night's homework.  Students were told to reread pages 4-6 and add words that have the long e sound to the chart in their RRJ.  Unfortunately, the children only added 1-2 words, a very small fraction of those found in this section.  So, we began rereading these pages and adding some words.  After adding several new words to the chart, we whisper read page 7.  Then we created a new t-chart in our RRJ with facts on one side and questions on the other.  We are going to practice identifying facts from our text and turning the into right there, or yellow, questions.  This is a strategy that will help to increase comprehension.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread pages 4-7, working on fluency.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued working independently and I met with more guided reading groups.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread pages 4-7 and described how chocolate is grown, in writing, in their RRJ.  Once in group we shared and discussed the examples of cause and effect they identified for homework last night.  Then, while the students read pages 8-11, I read their RRJ responses and provided feedback.  Afterwards I modeled a well constructed response so students could clearly see what they did well and what improvements they could make.  Next we discussed some of the vocabulary from pages 8-11, including the concept of fermentation.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read pages 8-11 and identify an example of cause and effect, on a sticky note.

Panthers:  Independently the students read pages 10 and 11 and wrote one right there question on a chart in their RRJ.  In group we began by sharing and discussing the answers they wrote to the 3 right there questions for homework last night.  After that we reread pages 10 and 11 and shared the right there questions they wrote earlier today and practiced answering them in complete sentences.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread pages 10 and 11 and write a new right there, green, question and then answer it in a complete sentence, in their RRJ.  These can be added to the t-chart they used today in class.

Lions:  Independently the students reread pages 4-9 and wrote, and answered, a yellow, think and search question.  We began group with students pairing up and sharing the answers they wrote for their right there questions, for homework last night.  Then we shared a few with the entire group.  After that, the students shared their yellow, think and search, questions, and answers, that they wrote independently today.  I provided feedback and many made adjustments on the spot.  :-)  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 10-15 and write 2 right there questions, in their RRJ, and answer them.

After our literacy block we attempted to have writing conferences.  Unfortunately, due to NO fault of the students, they didn't quite go as planned.  I only met with a few students....and even those didn't get the help they were seeking.  So, I plan to figure out how to better help the children revise their writing and try again!  :-)

Remember...the toy drive is going on until Friday.  If you want to participate, please send in a new, unwrapped toy before the end of the week.

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