Monday, December 22, 2014


A couple of side notes:
I had to take my son to the doctor this morning.  So, the students had a substitute, Mr. Vogel, until recess.  Also, due to my absence and the holiday, there is NO homework this week!  :-)

This morning, after reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center or practicing keyboarding skills, the students began their math rotations.

When working with Mr. Vogel, during small group instruction, the students began the fraction unit.  They identified fractions of a whole using Cuisenaire rods.  During math with a partner, the students made a flip page identifying and representing math vocabulary related to area.  Finally, during the technology portion, the students visited Sumdog to identify and name fractional parts.

After math, Mr. Vogel reviewed the independent work assignments for literacy block.  Today students began with individual reading groups tasks.  Then they watched the Educreations lesson about the opinion paragraph twice.  The second time they viewed it, they paused along the way and began drafting their own.  After that, the students will use a web site called Culture Grams to learn about an African country of their choice.  They will complete a graphic organizer with their findings.  IF the students complete all of these tasks, they will work on any unfinished work or practice reading by themselves, with a partner or with the computer.

Tigers:  In group, with Mr. Vogel, the students practiced writing right there questions and answering them in complete sentences.

After enjoying lunch and indoor recess, the students continued working independently while I met with reading groups.

Leopards: Independently the students read pages 12-15 and wrote a right there question to ask the group.  When we got together as a group, we used their right there questions to review the section they had read earlier.  These questions were not what I expected.  We spoke about this and moved on.  :-)  After that we reviewed cause (why) and effect (what happened) and reread page 12 to identify an example from the text.

Lions:  Independently the students read pages 14 and 15.  Then they wrote one right there question to ask their group.  So, when we met in group, we began by sharing their right there questions and answering in complete sentences.

Panthers:  The students read pages 14 and 15 independently.  Then, in their RRJ, they wrote a "right there" question that could be answered on page 15.  In group we shared these questions and answered them in complete sentences.  Then the students wrote a second question to answer on their own.  Then we quickly reviewed cause (why) and Effect(what happened).

The students ended their day in music with Ms. Guerra.

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