Monday, November 3, 2014

Q2...Here we go!!!!!!

Today marks the first day of the second marking period!!!

After reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center or practicing keyboarding skills, we began our math rotations.

This week, in small group instruction we will focus on the 4's multiplication facts and using drawings and equations to solve word problems. Today we filled in the 4s facts on our multiplication chart and identified patterns such as;  the products are all even, we are adding 4 more each time, and the 4s facts are the doubles of the 2s facts.  After that, we used visualization, drawings and equations, using a variable for the unknown, to solve word problems.

During math with a partner, the students sorted division word problems deciding whether they were examples of grouping or sharing.  Then they worked with their partner to solve each of the problems.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students watched a Learn Zillion lesson about solving division problems using repeated subtraction.  Then they visited the Times Table Game site on the Internet and practiced identifying the 4s facts.

For HOMEWORK the students have all received a packet (2 pages) of triangle fact cards.  They need to cut apart the triangles and use the cards to begin memorizing the 4s facts.  The students should cover the number that is circled, with their thumb, and multiply the other two numbers together.  Then they can lift their thumb to see if their answer is correct.  Students should practice these facts daily until they are completely memorized.

We did take a short break during math to attend a PBIS assembly kicking off the second marking period.  Therefore, math ran until lunch and recess.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, Ms. Snyder, the guidance counselor, visited to do a lesson about teasing.

When she left I explained to the class that we were beginning a new literary genre, poetry, specifically, narrative poetry.  Narrative poems are those that tell a story and include many of the elements we find in fictional stories.

After that brief introduction, I shred their tasks for literacy block.  Today they will be listening to reading when they visit the third grade web site and listen to the poem, "Casey at the Bat".  Then, in their RRJ, they will identify the beginning, middle and end of the poem by drawing a picture and writing a sentence for each.  After that, the students will watch a Brain Pop Jr. video about physical and chemical changes.  They will complete a 3-2-1 in their new science journals to ensure they understand the concepts of observable properties, and physical and chemical changes.  Finally, the students will practice fluency and comprehension skills when they read poetry with a partner.

Tigers:  The students were given a new poetry book.  We reviewed the format of poetry, specifically that the sections of text are called stanzas.  We also identified examples of rhyming and repetition in poems.  Then we practiced reading two poems and identifying what the poem was about.  For HOMEWORK the students will read, "Library Time" on page 13 and identify two sets of words that rhyme on a sticky note.

Leopards:  The students were given a book of poems called, Honey, I Love.  We focused on the poem, "Fun", found in the middle of the book.  We discussed the elements of a narrative story and related it to those of a narrative poem.  Then we read the poem, "Fun" and identified the beginning, middle and end.  After that, we looked at other poems in the book and identified the number of stanzas in each.  For HOMEWORK the students will select a poem, in their book, to read aloud in group.  (We talked about poetry is meant to be read out loud!)

Lions:  We met quickly to go over tonight's homework assignment.  For HOMEWORK this group is to go to Google Classroom and visit our LITERACY page.  There is an assignment posted there.  Students will visit the poetry web site that is linked to the assignment and read 2-3 poems.  Then, in the comment section of the assignment on Google Classroom, they will post the title of a poem they liked and why they enjoyed it. I am also requesting that they respond to one of their classmates.

Panthers:  We didn't get a chance to meet.  There is no HOMEWORK assignment in their planner but it would be great if the children could read for 15 minutes!

The students ended their day in music with Ms. Guerra.

Remember there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow due to Election Day.

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