Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Wims Celebrates Veterans!!

Our day began with Wilson Wims ES's first annual Veteran's Day flag raising ceremony.  It was a gorgeous morning to honor the men and women who have fought to protect our country's freedoms.  We were treated to some speeches from local veterans and singing by our fourth grade chorus.

When we returned inside, we had a brief discussion about respecting veterans and the sacrifice they make for the citizens of our country.

Needless to say, we got a late start on our math rotations, but, it was well worth it!!

Due to our late start, I took the opportunity to begin the tasks for the 4/5 compacted math class that will be offered next year.  There are only 5 students who will be participating in these activities.  These students were selected based upon a required articulation tool that was completed for each student in the class.  Students who scored above a certain number, based on data from previous report cards and assessments, will complete 5 specific activities between now and February.  Once this is completed, parents of the students who qualify will receive additional information.

With that said, I met with five students to work through our first activity.  During this time the rest of the class rotated between math with a partner and technology.  During math with a partner, the students played multiplication war or crazy 8s to work on basic fact fluency.  During the technology rotation, the children visited Cuisennaire Environment, and used the rods to model parts and wholes.  Then they wrote a multiplication and division equation to reflect the rods they displayed no their computer.

For HOMEWORK the students have a word problem to solve on Google Classroom (homework page).

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and recess.

When they returned to class we reviewed the independent work assignments for today's literacy block.  First students will complete reading group assignments.  Then, if they haven't already, they will finish their narrative poem.  After that, they will view a lesson about metaphors and similes and, in their RRJ, they will write 2 sentences comparing and contrasting metaphors and similes.  After that, they can watch a video of Katy Perry's "Fireworks" and think about the metaphor in the song.  Next, they will watch a lesson about verbs and complete a 3-2-1, about verbs, in their writing journal.  After that, they will complete a Google form, in Google Classroom, indicating their topic choice for the second marking period inquiry project.  If there is time left, they will read poetry with a partner, practicing fluency and comprehension.

While the students are busy with the above tasks, I will meet with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  We shared last nights homework and then whisper read, "The First Thanksgiving," for the final time.  After that, I introduced the concept of a verb (tells what the subject is doing--can be an action word or a linking word).  Next, I handed out a worksheet with two poems.  The children whisper read, "Should Have Studied" and we worked to identify some verbs.  Finally, we reviewed common themes in literature and discussed the theme of the poem.  For HOMEWORK the students will reread the poem, 3 times, working on fluency.

Panthers:  Independently the students identified a simile from "since Hannah Moved Away" and illustrated it in their RRJ.  In group, we shared the illustrations and similes.  Then I handed out a poetry packet.  Today we focused on the poem, "Mummy Slept Late and Daddy Fixed Breakfast".  I read the poem out loud and we discussed vocabulary and the main idea in each stanza.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread the poem, out loud, twice.

Leopards:  Independently the students read a new poem, "Jessica Jean", and drew a picture of the images in their mind, in their RRJ.  In group we started by sharing the lines they chose to illustrate from "Since Hannah Moved Away" for homework last night.  After that I read "Jessica Jean" out loud and we identified the meaning of several vocabulary words.  Then the students shared their illustrations.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread the poem, out loud, and identify the meaning of the three words we underlined (cocooning, obscuring, and concealing).

Lions:  The students received a new poem, "Jessica Jean," and read it independently and drew a picture of the images in their head, in the RRJ.  In group we began by sharing last night's homework, the student's favorite line from "Since Hannah Moved Away" and the picture they drew.  Then I read the poem, "Jessica Jean" out loud discussing some of the vocabulary.  Next, the students shared their illustrations.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread the poem, out loud, and identify the meaning of the three words we underlined (cocooning, obscuring, and concealing).

Before heading to specials, we handed out many papers including the report cards.  Please keep the report card at home but RETURN THE SIGNED ENVELOPE to school tomorrow.

THe students ended their day in PE with Mr. Benco.

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