Thursday, October 30, 2014

End of Quarter 1 and Halloween

Wow, this building is alive with energy!!  Students are so excited for our Halloween parade and party this afternoon.  However, until then, there is learning to be done!!

After reading quietly or practicing keyboarding skills we jumped into tour math rotations.

When working in small group with me, we continued drawing pictures and writing equations, using a variable for the unknown, to solve word problems.  Today we focused on beginning with a known and unknown chart and visualizing the problem in our minds.

During math with a partner the children finished the two tasks from this week.  First they identified the best combination of vehicles to get 24 students to a field trip and defended their answer.  Then they created a monster and wrote multiplication sentences showing the number of body parts for 5 monsters.

Finally during the technology portion, students went to our math page in Google Classroom and used the posted link to visit a Halloween math site.  They used this site to practice basic facts fluency.

After math we began our literacy block.  Today, the push was to finish publishing the inquiry project and the Powtoon presentations.  Once those two tasks were done, the students listened to reading using One More Story or Storyline Online, or practiced Read to Self, free choice.

Today, I met with groups in a different order to give some students more time to complete their inquiry project.

Lions:  We met and discussed what happened to the Chumash and then the students shared what they enjoyed about the book.  Finally, I collected the books.

Leopards:  We met and shared/discussed our ideas of what happened to the dinosaurs.  Then, I collected their books.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, we shared our Powtoon presentations and debriefed from our first quarter inquiry project.  We also packed up so that we could really enjoy our Halloween celebrations.

We ended the day by celebrating Halloween with a aparade and party.

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