Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

This morning the students read quietly, exchanged books in the media center or practiced keyboarding skills.

In small group instruction we reviewed the 3s facts and used them to identify the 6s.  After that, we multiplied the side lengths of rectangles to determine the area.

During math with a partner, the students chose between playing one of two games; Turkey Trot or Multiplication Bump.  Both games provided practice towards memorization of the basic multiplication facts.

The technology rotation had the students review the Learn Zillion lesson about using side lengths to determine the are of a rectangle.  Then the students used Sumdog to practice what they learned.

For HOMEWORK the students need to cut apart the 6s triangle fact cards and ue them to memorize their facts.

After math we moved right into our literacy block..skipping the Go Noodle break.  :-(  This was not due to any problems but so that I could squeeze in a mini lesson.  The mini lesson introduced different ways to "hook" your reader.  For each method I modeled and explained an example using the refrigerator (my inquiry topic).  Included in the choices for hooking your reader was using onomatopoeia, beginning with an interjection, asking a question, making a bold statement, starting with an opinion, and a few others.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students wrote a hook for their inquiry project and then worked in their collaborative groups to finish writing their plays and then practiced acting them out.

As the students worked, I reviewed their hooks and conferences with a few individuals.  Additionally, I met with each "play" group to read over their scripts and suggest improvements.

After that the students worked on staging and created scenery and props.

We ended the day by squeezing in some social studies.  We read about 2 more of Maryland's geographic feature; the Chesapeake Bay and the Conowingo Day.

There is a reading/writing homework assignment on Google classroom.

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