Monday, November 24, 2014

Marvelous Monday

This morning the students read quietly, exchanged books in the media center or practiced keyboarding skills.  After that we switched classroom jobs and voted on a class Dojo reward.  This time the students voted to have a pajama day. So, tomorrow is PAJAMA DAY in our class!!

Next we began our math rotations.

While working with me in small group, we reviewed our 9s facts, and began noticing patterns in the 3s.  Students easily recognized that the products of the 3s alternated between even and odd.  When 3 is multiplied by an even number, the product is even.  When 3 is multiplied by an odd number, the product is odd.  We discussed how this can help us with solving multiplication equations.

After that we learned how to break apart facts to make them easier to solve.  For example, 7 x 3 can be broken down to (7x2)+(7x1).

During math with a partner, the students played a game called, Turkey Trot, to practice all of the basic multiplication facts.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students began by watching a Learn Zillion lesson about multiplying the side lengths of rectangles in order to determine the area of the figure.  Then they visited Sumdog, choosing 4th grade, measurement, area of rectangle, to apply what they just learned.

For HOMEWORK the students need to cut apart flashcards that are being sent home this evening and memorize the 3s facts.

After math we began to review the literacy block tasks for today when I had an idea...
Since this is a short week that will also be impacted by various disruptions, I asked the class if they would be interested in writing and performing their own plays, working collaboratively in small groups, of course.  They seemed excited!

So...we formed small groups and I presented the expectations for the task...

  • choose a theme
  • decide upon a problem and solution
  • write a script using the correct format
  • share the script with me for approval
Once approved, the groups will stage their play and create scenery, props and costumes, if they choose.  Any group who is finished by Wednesday morning will be able to perform for our visitors on Grandparent's Day.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the groups got to work--and every student was on task!  It was AWESOME!!!

As the students worked, I continued informal reading assessments.  I also worked with the groups as they worked on their scripts.

There are three groups.  Each group, when they met with me, shared their theme, the problem and solution, and then read through their script.  As they read we discussed improvements that could be made in the dialogue and actions.

For HOMEWORK the students need to visit the Google Classroom homework page and use the link to visit a Scholastic site about The First Thanksgiving.  Then, after reading over the site, students should post a comment including one new fact they discovered and one fact that surprised them.  I would also like students to read and respond to one comment that a classmate posts.

There are a few reasons I have included this homework involves reading and learning about Thanksgiving (reading/social studies) AND it also forces the students to read online---reading on the computer screen.  This is a skill they will need during PARCC testing in the spring.  I, for one, do not like to read computer screens.  I tend to print out longer emails and articles to avoid reading on the computer.  However, the PARCC testing is online and students will be required to read from the screen.  Therefore, I need to provide opportunities for strengthening this skill....I hope this makes sense.

After our literacy block we reviewed the two types of geographic characteristics and then read and discussed 3 of Maryland's more famous sites...Assateague Island, Calvert Cliffs and The Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Remember that Wednesday is an early dismissal day and it is Grandparent's Day.  Also, tomorrow is our class pajama day.

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