Friday, November 21, 2014

TGIF...Hooray for the Weekend! was interesting morning, to say the least.

The day began with students reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center or practicing keyboarding skills.  Pretty normal stuff for us...

Unfortunately, as I began to take attendance and finish the lunch count, the giggling began.  This has been an issue for the last week or two...there has been constant giggling all day long which was interfering with task completion (students) and distracting thought processes (primarily mine).  Therefore, I decided it was time to move seats.  Many students were unhappy and there were several tears.  I did explain to the class why we made seating changes and I reminded them that during independent work time in math and literacy students choose where they want to work.

Once the class seemed settled, we attempted to begin our math quiz...only to have one of our friends get sick in the classroom.  So, we regrouped on the carpet and wait for building services to do their thing.

Finally, we got to our math quiz!  These have been scored and will be returned this afternoon.  Please look for it in your child's home folder this afternoon.

After the quiz we reviewed today's list of independent work during our literacy block.

First students will identify the theme in their reading group's play and use support from the play to explain their thinking.  This will be completed in their RRJ.  After that, they will finish completing the graphic organizer for this marking period's inquiry project.  Next they will identify the physical properties of a pencil and predict changes that will occur after a week of use.  Then the students will watch two Brain Pop Jr. videos about nous.  One is about plural and the other about possessive.  I have seen a real need for understanding the difference between the two.  After viewing the lessons, the students will list 3-5 examples for each, on a t-chart, in their writing journal.  When all of the above it completed, the students can work on reading or writing with a partner...either reading a play or writing a play.

While the students work I will meet with guided reading groups and individual students to do some informal reading assessments.

Tigers:  I taught the students a new strategy for decoding multi-syllabic words and then we practiced using it.  After that I did some informal assessment of individual reading growth.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued working independently as I met with more groups and individuals.

Panthers:  The students identified the theme and support from the text in their RRJ.  In group we discussed the ending of the play and the overall theme.  Then I did a few informal reading assessments with individual group members.

Leopards:  The students identified the theme and support from the text, in their RRJ.  In group we discussed the themes they had selected.  I explained that I thought the theme was perseverance BUT as long as they chose a common theme AND used text support to explain their thinking, I would accept others.  Many felt it was acceptance.  WE also worked on improving their RRJ responses so that the students understood how to use evidence from the play to explain their thinking in a clear way.

Lions:  The students identified the theme and support from the text, for their play, in their RRJ.  In group we discussed the theme, as well as, how to use the correct support to prove their thinking.

After our literacy block we identified how natural and human-made features affect population distribution.  We also took a peek at the 3 different regions of Maryland.

We ended the day with our weekly class meeting.  First we had a group share where we expressed one thing for which we are thankful.  Next we exchanged thank yous and compliments.  After that, students had a chance to read their writing homework entries out loud.  Then we discussed new name tags and Grandparent's Day. writing journal homework next week...the next entry is due in two weeks on Friday, December 5!

Have a great weekend!

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