Monday, October 6, 2014

Marvelous Monday

After practicing keyboarding skills, reading quietly or exchanging books at the media center, we began our math rotations.

During the small group instruction, students practiced measuring the area of a rectangle using square post it notes.  The big idea from the lesson was that area is a measure, in square units, of the inside of a plane (flat) figure.  While doing math with a partner, students created 3 digit subtraction problems, found the difference and then used addition to check their answer.  The focus, as always, was on math discourse using correct math vocabulary.  Finally, during the technology portion the students listened to a Learn Zillion lesson about finding the area of a rectangle by counting squares.  When they were done, they visited Area Exploration to practice measuring area by counting squares.

For HOMEWORK  there is an assignment on Google Classroom.

After taking a quick Go Noodle brain break, we reviewed the independent literacy tasks for this week.  Students will complete the root word and related words chart.  They will also draft an informative paragraph for their inquiry organization.  Additionally, the children will explain why it is important to be an informed voter.

To help with the drafting of the informative paragraph, I have uploaded a lesson that is on the third grdae web site.  Students are expected to watch this lesson at least once, and encouraged to watch it a second time as they begin their writing.

As the students worked independently, I met with reading groups.

Panthers:  We began group by reviewing the concept of cause and effect using real life examples.  Then I shared the name strategy...when students come across a name they can't pronounce in text, they can simply say the first letter of each name.  After that, the children whisper read pages 12-15 while I listened in.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread page 15 and write an example of cause and effect on the index card I provided.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the children continued working independently while I met with more guided reading groups.

Tigers:  First we reviewed the vowels and the two sounds each one makes.  Then we did a word chain where students wrote a word I said and then for each additional word I changed one sound.  For examples; hat, hit, hot, pot, pet, get, etc.  This forces the students to listen and recognize the short vowel sounds.  After that the students whisper read pages 8-11.  Then we revisited text features and strategies that help us identify the main idea in text.  Finally, we wrote a main idea statement for pages 8-11.  For HOMEWORK the children need to watch the Brain Pop Jr main idea lesson found on the third grade web site.  The username is wilsonwims, password is pop.

Leopards:  Independently the students read page 4 twice.  Then they wrote a main idea statement for that section in their RRJ.  In group we shared and discussed their sentences.  After that the students read pages 5-8.  For HOMEWORK the children need to watch the Brain Pop Jr. lesson about main idea.  The username is wilsonwims, password is pop.

Lions:  Independently the children read pages 4-8b and wrote a main idea statement in their RRJ.  In group we shared and discussed their main idea statements.  Then we reviewed the concept of cause and effect.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread pages 4-8 and identify one example of cause and effect, from the text, on the sticky note I provided.

After our literacy block we began viewing video clips about government in Ancient Rome and discussing similarities and differences to that in the United States today.

Finally, the students ended their day in music.

Remember applications for the SGA class representatives are due tomorrow.  We will listen to speeches and vote on Wednesday.

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