Friday, October 10, 2014


This morning, after the students read quietly, exchanged books in the media center, or practiced keyboarding skills, they took a math formative (quiz) covering measuring area.  I reminded students twice, during the quiz, that they could not get a P without labeling their answers.  This was a focus during small group instruction all week.  The quizzes will be graded and returned to students before the end of the day.  Look for them in your child's home folder.

After the quiz the children had time to finish their area zoos.  Then they had a "free choice" opportunity to either revisit a math web site or math game that we have used this year.

Next we took a quick GO Noodle brain break and then began our literacy block.

While I met with guided reading groups the students worked on identifying cause and effects and completing their informative paragraph for their inquiry project.  Both are graded assignments due today.

Tigers:  Once again, we were missing half our group.  No worries--we continued on...first we practiced identifying the two sounds each vowel makes.  Next we worked on blending sounds as we continued reading our guided reading book.  Finally, we practiced identifying examples of cause and effect.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working on their indepdent assignments while I met with more groups.

Panthers:  Independently the students identified examples of cause and effect.   In group, I reread page 7 and modeled, through think aloud, how I would write a main idea statement for this page.  Then we shared the statements the students wrote for homework.  After that, we discussed using the title and headings to write a main idea statement for the entire book.  I am hoping to begin a new text next week and continue with main idea lessons.

Leopards:  Independently the students identified examples of cause and effect.  In group we reviewed cause as the why and effect as the what happened.  Then the children shared and discussed the examples of cause and effect that they wrote for homework last night.

Lions:  Independently the students identified examples of cause and effect.  I group we reviewed how to identify the main idea in a section of text.  Then we shared the main idea statements the children wrote for homework last night.  As each shared we discussed both the positives and improvements in each.

Following our literacy block the students worked collaboratively to finalize their plans for how they can compare the speed objects travel over the same distance.  Then they carried out their plans.  Then we analyzed, through discussion, what went well and what didn't go the way they planned.

Unfortunately, we were running behind and our weekly class meeting was shortened.  I really don't like when that happens because I believe in the importance of these meetings...oh well!  We began with a free choice group share--students shared anything they wanted to.  Next we exchanged a few thank yous and compliments.  Finally, I explained that next week each student will identify a personal academic goal they wish to work on, but first we will analyze data to help us.  I showed the students the data sheet they will receive.  It will have their current instructional reading level, their MAP-R  and their MAP-M scores.  They will analyze which area is a strength and which is a relative weakness.  From that point they will identify a personal stumbling block and write a goal.  I showed them what that form looks like, too.

We will work on this either Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see many of you Monday morning during Open House.

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