Friday, October 24, 2014


This morning, after reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center or practicing keyboarding skills, the students took their math quiz (formative).  The children did very well on this quiz!!  They have been scored and will be returned to the children before the end of the day.  Look for it in your child's home folder this evening.

After the quiz the children finished identifying three different ways for 24 students to travel on a field trip.  This was the word problem we began yesterday.  During this time I snuck in some writing conferences.

Following math we took a GO Noodle brain break and then began our literacy block.

Today students will complete independent reading group assignments, identify adjectives in their writing, and work on their inquiry project (final draft and/or Powtoon presentation).

Tigers:  First we reviewed their lists of unknown words fro last night's homework.  Then we learned that c when followed by an e or an i usually makes the s sound.  The children then identified words in their text with the -ce or -ci pattern.  Next the children whisper read pages 10 and 11 to find out what mother bears do to care for their cubs.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working on their independent tasks while I met with several students to conference on their writing and met with guided reading groups.

Panthers:  Independently the students revisited their guided reading text and created a list of adjectives used in the book.  In group we defined an adjective as a word that describes a noun and then identified adjectives in their text.  Then we discussed unknown words from their homework last night.  After that I explained that sometimes the main idea of text is explicitly stated and other times we have to infer it.  The students then reread pages 12-17 and attempted to infer the main idea.  Finally, I shared my main idea sentence and explained how I inferred it.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread pages 14-16 and identified an inference they could make about recent discoveries.  In group we shared and discussed their questions they wrote for homework last night.  Then we shared the inferences they made in class today.  Finally, I explained to them that sometimes the main idea is explicitly written in text and other times we have to infer it.  We will practice the latter next week.

Lions:  Independently the students revisited pages 6 and 7 and identified an inference they could make about the Chumash.  In group we shared their main idea statements from homework last night.  After some discussion the children drew a line of learning in their RRJ and wrote an improved main idea statement.  From there, I explained that sometimes the main idea is explicitly stated in text, while other times we have to infer it.  We revisited page 6 and determined that the main  idea in this section is stated in the topic sentence.  Then we read page 8 and realized the main idea of that portion needs to be inferred.  So, the students reread that page and wrote a main idea statement that they inferred from the author's words.

After our literacy block we reviewed some of the characteristics of how we select our government officials.  We had learned about this earlier in the year but next week we will be comparing our government to that of the Roman Republic.  So, I wanted to make sure the information was fresh.

Finally we ended our day with a class meeting and popcorn party for earning class Dojos.  Our meeting was brief.  We shared one thing we felt like talking about and then exchanged thank yous and compliments.  Through the free choice group share, we learned a little about the holiday of Diwali.  To those celebrating, Happy Diwali!

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