Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thriving Thursday

The students began their morning practicing keyboarding skills, reading quietly, or exchanging books at the media center.

After morning announcements we began our math rotations.

During the small group instruction, we used addition and subtraction to solve for an unknown in various positions.  While doing math with a partner, the students used the site Pan Balance Numbers to help solve for unknowns in various positions.  The students were expected to use math vocabulary as they discussed their strategies with a classmate.  Answers were recorded in math journals.  Finally, during the technology portion of math the children practiced subtraction skills using Sumdog.

HOMEWORK is on Google Classroom and we WILL have a quiz tomorrow covering subtraction and solving for unknowns.

After math we had a quick Go Noodle brain break and then reviewed the independent literacy tasks for today.

First students are working on individual reading group assignments.  Then they will watch a lesson about writing a strong opening (called a hook) for an informative writing piece.  Then they were told to rewatch the lesson while writing a hook for their own inquiry project topic.  After that they will watch a cartoon about root words.  Finally, they will correct pink words and add them to their Quick Word Handbook and read with someone to work on fluency and comprehension skills.

Panthers:  We began group by reviewing coordinating conjunctions and sharing the examples the students found in text for homework last night.  Then I introduced the idea of a root word and used the word sail to create related words by adding affixes.  Next we reviewed how to identify and write a main idea statement for a section of text.  Then I modeled, using think aloud, writing a main idea statement for page 10.  After that, the group worked collaboratively to write a main idea statement for page 11.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 12-15 and list unknown words.

Following lunch and recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Leopards:  The students were given their new book, Earth's Resources, a non-fiction book.  On their own they read pages 2 and 3 and attempted to write a main idea statement for each section.  In group we reviewed the purpose and use of coordinating conjunctions and shared some of their examples from homework.  Then I modeled, through think aloud, how to read a section of text and, using the heading, topic sentences and repeated words and phrases, write a main idea statement.  Of course, I thought I was modeling page 2, which they had already done independently, but I goofed and did page 4.  So, tonight, for HOMEWORK, the students will reread pages 2 and 3 and rewrite their main idea statements.

Tigers:  Independently the students read pages 4-7 with a partner, working on fluency.  In group we reviewed short and long vowel sounds.  Then we revisited the purpose and use of coordinating conjunctions (from last night's homework) and shared the examples they found in their text.  Next we whisper read pages 8-11.  Tonight, for HOMEWORK, the students need to reread pages 8-11 and , on a sticky note, answer the question:  How are your heart and lungs related?

Lions:  Independently the students read pages 113-133.  In their RRJ they identified and described the actions that left Leigh to feeling "sad  but a whole lot better at the same time."  We began group by reviewing the use and purpose of coordinating conjunctions.  We also shared the examples they found for homework last night.  We ran out of time due to pictures, so I collected there Dear Mr. Henshaw book and passed out there new book.  For HOMEWORK the students will read pages 4-8 in their new book and list unknown words.

After our literacy block, we got our individual pictures taken and then ended the day in art.

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