Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning MOST students completed the second, and final, session of the End of the Year PARRC assessment.  Three students ran into technical difficulties and will complete it tomorrow.

Since yesterday we voted to skip math and have our reading and writing block, today we participated in math rotations after testing.

During the teacher led small group instruction, students practiced using a number line to calculate elapsed time.  The children worked with a partner, or two, to solve a word problem involving time during guided practice.  Finally, during the technology rotation the children chose between Mathman and Robo Clock 3.  Both are Internet sites, found on the third grade web site, that practice calculating elapsed time. 

For HOMEWORK students will calculate the elapsed time using number line diagrams.  There are two versions of tonight's homework depending upon the independence the student demonstrated during small group.

Following lunch and indoor recess Mrs. Howard visited us to do a lesson about careers in preparation for next week's Career Day.

We ended the day working in collaborative groups to plan a process to create a dye out of the natural resources we collected yesterday.  Once the groups decided on a plan they began to carry it out!

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