Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Busy Wednesday

Today is a busy day.  We have Career Day and it is spring picture day!!

We began our day with our weekly class meeting.  Due to scheduling conflicts, it has been a few weeks since our last one.  It was so nice to be able to share our thoughts!

First, the students had a chance to share what they would like to do before the end of third grade.  Ideas ranged from different types of parties to the children getting to be the teacher!  After that, we exchanged compliments and thank yous.  Finally, we discussed challenges.  Included in those challenges was the dwindling interest in their personal academic goals and issues during stack and pack at the end of school day.

After our class meeting, we began math rotations.  Due to Career Day, however, we were able to only get through one rotation.  SO, tomorrow the students will go to their second and third rotations.

The small group teacher lesson focused on solving word problems involving mass measure in grams.  During guided practice the students continued working on their family vacation plans, using their knowledge of elapsed time.  Finally, the students watched  Learn Zillion lesson focusing on understanding mass during their technology rotation.

Due to interruptions in our schedule there is NO math homework this evening.

After completing one math rotation the students went down to the gym to participate in Career Day.  They were able to learn about 6 different careers including an army veterinarian, a store manager, bankers, a nurse, a realtor and a mechanic.

Next, the students had their spring portraits taken.  All students were photographed and parents will be getting a package of proofs to view and decide whether to order.

When we returned to class the students worked on their independent tasks for the week.
  1. Students will work in small groups to create root word flashcards. They will define a root word and then identify the meaning of three other words that are derived from it.
  2. Students will revise their inquiry project drafts to enhance word choice and replace general nouns and verbs with those that are more specific.
  3. Students will reread the first journal entry from the Logs of Walter Anderson and use a dictionary to identify the meaning of unknown or confusing words. Then they will illustrate the entry to show they comprehend the text.
  4. Students will view a video about specialization. Then they will define the meaning of the word and explain its benefits, in their social studies journal.
I met with individual students to conduct writing conferences and reading groups.

Sharks:  We reviewed Amelia's disappointment at the end of chapter 6.  Then we began reading chapter 7.  For HOMEWORK the students need to finish reading chapter 7 (pages 35-39) and explain how Amelia feels and why, at the end of chapter 7, on the sticky note.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we continued with independent work and reading groups.

Dolphins:  I collected their old books.  Then we reviewed the /aw/ and /ought/ spelling patterns and added words to their word bags.  We also played a game using their word bag cards that one of the students taught us.  Finally, the students practiced writing words they know how to spell.  For HOMEWORK the children need to practice reading their word bag cards.  We are working towards automaticity. 

Cheetahs:  We discussed the idea that Disney was broke when he left for Hollywood.  We also had a chat about the energy level of this group this week.  The students voted to continue with this book and to put forth a little more effort/enthusiasm.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read the chapter, The Birth of Mickey Mouse, on pages 33-39.

Pandas:  We shared the students diagrams from last night's homework.  For HOMEWORK the children need to finsh reading the chapter, pages 17-21 and write ONE word to describe Tiger from tonight's reading and be prepared to explain/defend it.

The students ended the day by completing their life cycle of a product diagram posters.

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