Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

The children began their day in art.

When we returned to class we took a quick Go Noodle brain break and then reviewed today's math rotations.

Students working with me will be representing and solving word problems involving liquid volume.  During guided practice the children will be using their knowledge of elapsed time to plan a two day family vacation.  Finally, at the technology rotation, student swill view a few Learn Zillion lessons focusing on understanding, estimating and measuring liquid volume.

There is an assignment on Edmodo for HOMEWORK.  All students must write an equation, using a variable to represent the unknown, and solve it, for the first word problem.  There is a challenge word problem for those who are motivated to do more.  Finally, I have included a bonus...I'm hopeful that some students will create their own volume word problem and post it to Room 8 Rocks for others in the class to solve.

After math the students continued working on their independent work assignments while I met with small groups.  The tasks for the week are:

  1. Students will work in small groups to create root word flashcards. They will define a root word and then identify the meaning of three other words that are derived from it.
  2. Students will revise their inquiry project drafts to enhance word choice and replace general nouns and verbs with those that are more specific.
  3. Students will reread the first journal entry from the Logs of Walter Anderson and use a dictionary to identify the meaning of unknown or confusing words. Then they will illustrate the entry to show they comprehend the text.
  4. Students will view a video about specialization. Then they will define the meaning of the word and explain its benefits, in their social studies journal.
Sharks:  We reviewed that c, when followed by an e or an i usually makes the s sound.  We also reviewed that a vowel followed by double consonants will most likely make its short sound.  Then we practiced reading words that have the -ight spelling pattern in it.  After that, the students whisper read chapter 4 to  identify what Amelia decides at the end of the chapter and chapter 5 to  find out what she does to be able to take flying lessons.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 6 and find out what Amelia decides and why.  The answer can be jotted down on the sticky note I gave each student.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued their independent work while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  In group we reviewed the series of events e had identified on Friday in the children's RRJ.  Then we continued identifying events from the story.  Finally, the children worked independently to identify the rest of the events in the story.  For HOMEWORK the students need to practice their word bag cards and reread their book.

Cheetahs:  We began reading and discussing the chapter, The First Movies.  We used context clues to determine the meaning of the unknown words n the text.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 25-32 and write what surprised then on a sticky note.

Pandas:  We read pages 15 and 16 which had a lot of golf concepts and vocabulary.  So, for HOMEWORK the students are to reread page 16 and, in their RRJ, draw a picture and label it using vocabulary found on page 16.  This will help the students visualize and retain some of the complexities of the sport.

We ended the day with science.  The students continued to work collaboratively, in their small groups, to learn about the life cycle of a product using resources from the third grade web site.  Then they began creating posters/ diagrams depicting the life cycle of a product chosen by the group.

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