Friday, May 16, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This morning the children began their day in PE. 

When we returned to the classroom the students took their semi-weekly math quiz.  Today's quiz had two parts.  The first part was a TIMED basic facts quiz.  The children had 4 minutes to complete 22 facts.  AS I anticipated, the children struggled GREATLY.  I was planning to enter the scores into my grade book regardless, but I can't...the scores were just too poor.  We will be focusing on basic facts a lot next week and the students will be re-tested.  Those scores will be entered no matter what!

The second part of the quiz included 4 measurement (time, capacity and mass) word problems.  It was untimed.

Both portions of today's quiz have been scored.  They should be in the math section of your child's binder.  Please look these over.

After the quiz we had a quick, informal class meeting to discuss ways we could master our basic multiplication facts.  I demonstrated how to make and how to use flashcards.  A student also suggested using the links on the third grade web site.

Next the students began working on their independent work assignments while I met with individual students and small groups.  When I met with the children it was to have them explain their illustrations and show me the words and phrases from the journal entries that support their drawings. 

To refresh your memory, the tasks this week are:

Students will work in small groups to create root word flashcards. They will define a root word and then identify the meaning of three other words that are derived from it.
  1. Students will revise their inquiry project drafts to enhance word choice and replace general nouns and verbs with those that are more specific.
  2. Students will reread the first journal entry from the Logs of Walter Anderson and use a dictionary to identify the meaning of unknown or confusing words. Then they will illustrate the entry to show they comprehend the text.
  3. Students will view a video about specialization. Then they will define the meaning of the word and explain its benefits, in their social studies journal.
Reading groups are explained below.

Sharks:  We began group with some word work.  We did word chains focusing on short vowel sounds and the /sh/ and /ch/ sound.  Then we discussed how Amelia felt at the end of chapter 7, using words and phrases from the text to support our thinking.  Finally, we read and discussed chapter 8.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  First we played a game with their word bag cards, working on automaticity.  Then we looked at the /ost/ and /ong/ letter patterns and practiced reading words with these chunks.  Finally I did a book introduction for our next text, The Ladybug and the Cricket.

Cheetahs:  We practiced writing words with the short vowel sounds by doing a word chain on white boards.  Then we discussed the chapter about the Birth of Mickey Mouse.

Since I  met with the pandas for a while yesterday and we were short on time, that group did not meet today.

At the end of the day we discussed the difference between organic and inorganic materials.  The children are bringing home a notice looking for small donations of organic materials such as; orange peels, grapes, berries, and bananas.

Also, Mr. Lee is in desperate need of volunteers for Field Day.  PLEASE consider volunteering your time next Friday, May 23.

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