Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thriving Thursday

It's Flip-Flop appropriate since we have some flip-flop weather outside!  :-)

Our day began with math.  Before going to math rotations, though, a couple of groups shared their solutions to yesterday's guided practice word problem.

The teacher let small group instruction focused on using a number line to solve word problems involving time.  All three groups worked on different types of problems, though.  One group solved problems where the unknown was either the end time or the elapsed time.  The next group solved problems where the unknown was the start time, the elapsed time OR the end time.  The final group focused on problems where the unknown was the end time.  I have uploaded a model lesson to the third grade web site.

During guided practice the students worked with partners to solve a word problem involving time.

Finally, during the technology rotation the children practiced calculating elapsed time using the web site Mathman or Robo Clock 3.

For HOMEWORK there is a worksheet.  We will have a quiz tomorrow.

While I met with students to conference on their writing and met with reading groups, the students continued working on their independent assignments for the week.

First, students will draft the fourth, and final, paragraph for the issue inquiry project. They will begin by watching a lesson via Educreations. After drafting they will read their paragraph to a friend, or record it using the iPad, and make necessary revisions.

Another task for students will be to visit and explore Eric Kimmel's web site. They will complete a 3-2-1 summarizer n their RRJ listing 3 facts they learned, 2 ideas they discovered about writing and 1 question they want to ask Mr. Kimmel.

The final task, for the week, is to view a Discovery Education video clip about production. Then the children will write about the production of pizza focusing on identifying the natural, human and capital resources needed and how they are used.

Sharks:  The students identified a character trait for Amelia and used words and phrases from  the text to support it.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working while I met with more small groups.

Dolphins:  First we identified words with the /sh/ sound spelled without /sh/, such as delicious, machine and special.  Then we retold the beginning of the book and identified the problem.  After that the students whisper read the rest of the book and located the solution.  Finally, we discussed the solution.  For HOMEWORK the children need to practice their word bag cards and reread pages 12-16.

Cheetahs:  The students finished reading chapter 2.  Then, in their RRJ, they identified a main idea of the chapter and used words and phrases from the book to support it.  In group we discussed the disappointments that Walt faced and the main idea (Walt had an unhappy childhood).  We also talked about not needing to be able to read each and every word in text  and still be able to comprehend it.
For HOMEWORK the students need to review chapter 2 and find evidence that Walt's dad loved him.

Pandas:  The students reviewed chapter 1 and in their RRJ they defined the word prodigy and identified words and phrases, used by the author, to convey the meaning.  In group we chatted about answering the question that is asked and rereading the question and their response before turning in an assignment.  Then we talked about today's assignment specifically.  Finally, we shared the information they learned about golf earlier this week during independent work time.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 2.

 We ended the day by defining the term producer and identifying choices they have to make due to limited resources.

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