Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Fridayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning the children began their day in PE.  They came back red-faced from line dancing but seemed to really have enjoyed it!

After PE, we finished our math rotations from yesterday...I was only able to work with 2 of the 3 groups, so I met with the last one today. 

After the rotation, the children took the first quiz of the marking period.  These have been scored and returned to the children.  They should be stored in the math section of their binder.

While I met with reading groups the students completed independent reading group assignments, finished the first paragraph of the character analysis and continued watching author interviews to identify where they get their ideas.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed chapter 3 and defined unknown words.  We discussed the various characters and things that surprised us, such as the doctor not knowing their dad was in America. Then we began reading chapter 4 and shared our thoughts about Amanda shaking Jemmy.  After that, the children finished reading chapter 4 and marked two events from chapters 3 and 4 that led to Amanda beginning her journey.

Sharks:  We reviewed chapter 3 and defined the unknown words listed for homework last night.  Then we discussed the changes in Anna (wanted to go to school but now thinks they should head home) and Grandpa (fussy, complaining but now is bright and friendly) so far in the story.

Following lunch and outdoor recess I continued meeting with groups while the children continued their independent work.

Dolphins:  The students used the text we marked yesterday in group to respond to a BCR in their RRJs.  In group we practiced reading their word bag cards.  Then we reread the book and identified features animals have that help them survive and marked them with a sticky note.  Finally, we sorted words ending in y according to the sound the y makes.

Pandas:  The students defined a bullion in their RRJ.  IN group we discussed why Uncle Victor and Peter's dad were arguing and then expressed our opinions about involving the boys in the plan to sneak the gold out of the country.

We ended the day by sketching a map of Maryland, including a compass rose and a key with symbols, in our social studies journals.

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