Monday, January 13, 2014

Marvelous Monday

It may be cold outside but at least the sun is shining!!!  Yippee!

This week marks the end of the second marking period.  Therefore, we will be tying up a lot of loose ends!  Additionally, my schedule is a bit wacky--I will be working all week but have several meetings to attend--so, I will be in and out of the classroom.  Luckily, there are many awesome helpers who will ensure that the students' learning contionues.

On to today...

The children began their day in the media center working in small groups on their skits for the quarter 2 inquiry project.

When they returned to class, we reviewed all of the items that we will be completing this week and, together, created a flip chart to keep the class focused and informed.

After that, we went to the computer lab to take the MAP-M.  This is the computerized math assessment that self adjusts as the children take it.  As students answer a string of questions correctly they increase in rigor.  The opposite is true, as well.

The data from this test is NOT reported on the report card and has nothing to do with placement for next year.  All of my kids are going to fourth grade!!

Instead the data is used to show what the children have learned and guide my planning and instruction to ensure they are receiving lessons that will help them grow!!

After the MAP-M, the class will enjoy lunch and outdoor recess.

When they return to class Mrs. Sennewald will be in the classroom so that I may attend a planning meeting for the third marking period.

Under her watch the students will work on publishing the first three paragraphs of this marking period's inquiry project.  They will then work on a page for a class book (you can ask your child about this).  After that, they will watch an Educreations lesson, that I created, to learn about the expectations for the 4th and final paragraph of this quarter's inquiry project.  They can re watch the lesson as needed.  When they are ready, they will draft the final paragraph and turn it in.  Finally, they will work on the travel brochure for either Cairo, Zimbabwe or Timbuktu.

At the end of the day Miss Kistler's class will join us and we will work on our small group disease/parasite presentations.  I have told the children they will get to work on them today and tomorrow.  We will present Wednesday afternoon!  :-)

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