Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Back...again!

The students came in quiet and tired...I think we are all ready to get back to our routine!!

They began their day with Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dodson, who visited our classroom since the media center is FREEZING!!  The ladies put the students into groups according to their inquiry project subjects.  In those groups, the children began planning and creating a storyboard for a skit they will write and perform.

After that, Mrs. Rosenthal visited to introduce and explain this year's science fair to the students.  Information can be found here.  This year students will not automatically receive science fair packets.  They can pick one up in the main office or you can download one at the link above.

After that, we went to the computer lab to take the winter MAP-R reading assessment.  This is the self-adjusting computerized reading assessment that children take in the fall, winter and spring, beginning in third grade.  The purpose of this test is to identify student strengths and weaknesses in reading.  I use the data to identify what instructional practices are working and what changes I need to make. 

The students spent about an hour and a half working on this assessment and some still haven't finished.  I am so proud of each and every one.  They put effort into it, didn't give up and used their strategies...and it PAID OFF!  Overall, the scored weren't goo, they weren't great, they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students came in and worked on their inquiry project and researching either Cairo, Timbuktu or Zimbabwe in preparation for making a travel brochure.  I met with small groups.

First, I met with a group to discuss their writing.  I gave direct feedback as to what was missing in each child's inquiry project and they were given a chance to ask questions.

Next I met with the DOLPHINS group.

Dolphins:  We practiced their word bag cards and then they whisper read their book.  After that, we did a mini lesson on breaking apart new words, looking for the parts they know.  Finally, we discussed the problem and solution in the book and the owner's feelings at various points.  For HOMEWORK they need to reread the book and practice their word bag cards.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed cause and effect and made a chart in their RRJ.  I defined cause as the "why" and effect as the "what happens".  For HOMEWORK they need to reread what "Makes Popcorn Pop" and think about cause and effect.

Sharks and Pandas have reading HOMEWORK, too....Sharks need to reread the first two paragraphs of their article and pandas need to reread their entire article.

We ended the day with a quick science lesson.  We defined the concepts of a disease and a communicable disease.  We will be identifying the symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention of several diseases later in the week

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