Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowy Monday

The children began their day by visiting the media center.

When they returned to class, we visited the science fair.  We had the chance to see some awesome projects.  I was quite impressed!!!

When we returned to class we began math rotations.  Today, during the teacher rotation, we explored measurement using rulers and identified how to measure to the nearest 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch.

During the technology rotation the children watched an educreations lesson about creating and using a ruler to measure to the nearest quarter inch.  If they finished early the did the guided practice or rewatched the lesson.

Finally, at guided practice, the students rolled two dice to create a fraction.  They wrote the fraction in their math journal and drew both a representation and a number line depicting the fraction

For HOMEWORK the students are expected to practice measuring to the nearest quarter inch using the Fun Brain: Measurement Game web site that can be found here or on the third grade web site.

At the beginning of the reading and writing block I briefly reviewed the expectations for the second paragraph of the character analysis.  I have created an Educreations lesson, that can be found on the third grade web site, that more explicitly teaches how to write this section.  Students will be required to view it, at least once, prior to writing their draft.

While I meet with small groups the students will work on independent reading group activities, writing their character analysis and reading a science article answering, "What are light and heat energy?"  This article can also be found on the third grade web site.

Cheetahs:  I met with this group first.  We discussed the two events from chapters 3 and 4 that led to Amanda's decision to go to America (Virginia).  After our discussion, we followed a plan to answer a BCR (What were the vents that led to Amanda beginning her journey to Virginia?).  First, the students copied the question in their RRJ.  Then we practiced answering the question in our first sentence.  Each child shared what they were going to write.  After that, the children returned to their seats to write 2 support sentences, explaining their answer (sentence 1) using specific examples from the text and writing a concluding or "I think" sentence.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued with their independent work while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  Independently the students identified, in writing, features that sea creatures have to keep them safe.  In group we reread The Fun Club Goes to the Aquarium.  We also used the word special to discuss words that have letter clusters (more than 2 letters) which produce a unique sound.  Finally, I did a book introduction for their next book, Old Jacket, New Jacket, which they will get tomorrow. For HOMEWORK the children need to practice their word bag cards and reread The Fun Club Goes to the Aquarium.

Pandas:  Independently the students completed a vocabulary entry for the word precaution and explained, in writing, what Uncle Victor's exact plans are for the children.  In group we reviewed the word precaution, and the new vocabulary chart.  We also examined pictures of air raid shelters to help us understand the precaution of air raid drills that was mentioned in the book.  Finally, we shared our opinions about Uncle Victor's plans.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 4.

Sharks:  The students reread chapter 3 and wrote about the changes in one of the main characters, either Anna or Grandpa, since the beginning of the book.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 4 and list unknown words.

We ended the day by identifying object that produce heat through burning.  We also discussed similarities and differences amongst the object.  We noticed they all produced heat through burning, fire, but what was actually burning was different.

I will be out of the building at a meeting tomorrow.  There will NOT be a blog post.

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