Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thriving Thursday

It's flip-flop day.  So, we started our day with math rotations.

The teacher lesson focused on identifying and explaining how to determine 2/3 of a piece of ribbon.  Main points were that 2/3 always means 2 out of 3 equal parts but 2/3 can be different sizes depending upon the defined unit fraction, or whole.

During guided practice the children continued working on the fractional fish aquarium they began yesterday.  They are using fractional parts of  circles to create fish and other creatures living in a tank.

Finally, to reinforce the naming of fractional parts, the students used the iPad app called fractions.

After math, the children went to music.

When they returned they continued working on their inquiry project and travel brochure while I met with small groups.

Writing group:  Students reviewed the feedback I gave on their concluding paragraph.  Then I explained the feedback, gave examples of topic and concluding sentences and answered questions.

Following lunch and outdoor recess I had every intention of meeting with reading groups.  However, the students needed support and help to complete their inquiry projects.  SO, the majority of the afternoon was spent conferencing, revising and editing with individuals.

READING GROUPS will resume NEXT week with NEW books.  We WILL get back to our regular routine.  I urge you to contact me, via email, if you have any questions or concerns.  Believe me, though, your children are engaged in meaningful reading and writing activities every day...even when they do not meet in formal reading groups.

At the end of the day, I handed out a MATH HOMEWORK WS.  We will NOT have a quiz tomorrow.

Also, all students should read for at least ten minutes.

We also shared a few travel brochures.

Students are asked to wear BLACK tops to school tomorrow.  WE want to black out the school in honor of Mr. McGee's last day.

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