Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

My day started, before the children arrived, by meeting our new acting principal, Mr. Collins.  I can honestly say he seems WONDERFUL!  He was friendly, kind, caring and demonstrated a good sense of humor.  As much as we will miss Mr. McGee, I feel reassured that things will be ok...well, better than that, they will be WONDERFUL!

Once the children arrived we changed jobs and had our weekly class meeting.  Today's group share was a check-in, of sorts.  The students had a chance to share how they are feeling, considering the changes that are in store for us.

After that we shared compliments and thank yous.  Then we discussed and brainstormed ideas for setting personal academic goals related to reading/writing.  Finally, each child wrote their own personal goal.  I will conference, individually, with the children to ensure it is appropriate.

Next we began our math rotations.  My mini lesson used pattern blocks to identify unit fractions (wholes) and then name and write fractional parts.  Some groups extended the lesson to identifying equivalent fractions.

The technology rotation had students strengthening their fractional knowledge using the site fractions shoot.

During guided practice the children began creating aquariums using fractional pieces to make fish, plants and others items that will live in their tanks.

For HOMEWORK the students voted and decided they wanted to practice naming and identifying fractions by playing Fraction Shoot for 10 minutes.  The link is above and on the 3rd grade web site.

While I met with small groups the children continued working on their inquiry projects and travel brochures.

Sharks:  They whisper read pages 14 and 15  of Germs Make Me Sick.  We used the word antibodies to practice identifying known parts of a word to decode new words.  We also used context clues to define an unknown word, again suing antibodies.  Then the children reread pages 14 and 15 and wrote an example of cause and effect in their RRJ.  After that, the students repeated the process with pages 16 and 17.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread pages 14-17.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the children continued working independently and I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  We reviewed compound words and practiced using word lists to make some.  Then we reread Footprints.    I explained the concept of a summary and then we orally summarized the story.  For HOMEWORK the students need to use the word lists to create 3 more compound words and add them to the list in their RRJ.  They also need to reread their book.

Due to a chorus and band concert, I was unable to meet with the Cheetahs and Pandas BUT they DO have HOMEWORK.  Both groups need to read chapter 4 and think about (no writing necessary) examples of cause and effect.

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