Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after reading quietly, practicing keyboarding, or completing unfinished work, we reviewed the TASS skills for the marking period and awarded Dojo prizes.  Then we began our literacy block.

As we reviewed today's independent work, I reminded the class that they must follow the directions and expectations on the daily flip chart and use the models, too.  Additionally, I told them it is their job to ask for help if they are confused, stuck, etc.

The reason for this discussion was because many students are not completing their independent work in a timely manner and not asking for help.  As this is the end of the third week, I will be cracking down and contacting home if it becomes a pattern.

Today the children will begin with an independent reading group assignment.  Then they will complete their personal narrative rough draft and watch a Learn Zillion lesson about adding dialogue to a personal narrative, taking notes in a 3-2-1 format in their writing journal.  This is the LAST day to write the rough draft.  After that, they will practice writing h and k in cursive.  Then they will choose between reading to themselves, reading with a partner, listening to reading, practicing keyboarding, visiting the media center, or finishing unfinished work.

As they work, I will meet with guided reading groups.

Orange:  We reviewed -y at the end of a word sounding like /e/.  Then we discussed the idea of "breaking out" in blotches before reading the chapter, "Blotchy".  Then we read and discussed the chapter.  After that we practiced answering the question, "What did Henry do to help Annie", orally.  Finally, the children answered this question, in writing, independently, in their reading journal.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread the chapter, "Blotchy".

Pink:  Independently the students reread between the purple sticky notes and in their RRJ they described what Katje did that caused Rosie to send more boxes.  Once in group we reviewed the students' lists of unknown words from homework. After that we discussed that when 2 vowels are next to each other (walking) the first one does the talking (says its name) Then we shared their journal responses.  Finally, the children continued reading, stopping along the way to retell the events in the story.

Then we ran into an issue...the students, after reading four pages, couldn't respond to my straight forward, literal question..  The students admitted they were struggling with comprehending the text.  SO, I collected the books and we will begin a new one tomorrow.

For HOMEWORK they need to read for 10 minutes, free choice.

Green:  Independently the students reread the chapter, "Rossi" and in their RRJ identified what was important to Sarah Ida and described two actions that support this.  In group we reviewed unknown words and using the name strategy when we come across proper nouns in text.  Then we discussed money being important to Sarah Ida and whether or not we would want her as a friend.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read the third chapter, "A Game?" and list unknown words on the sticky note.

Blue:  Independently the students reread chapter 2 and in their RRJ explained what Willy thinks his grandfather is worried about and what actions he takes to fix this problem. Once in group we reviewed the lists of unknown words from last night's homework and then discussed the chapter.  Included in our discussion was what Willy thought the problem was, what actions he took and how he must have felt when he found out that wasn't the problem after all.  For HOMEWORK the children will read chapter 3 and list unknown words along with page numbers.

Oops!  Once again, I forgot to include a brain break during the morning.  After our literacy block the students enjoyed outdoor recess, followed by lunch.

When we returned to class we had another talk about the need to use the flip chart  and to ask questions if you are confused or unsure of what to do.  Then we began our math block.

Today we will continue rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100 and 10 in preparation for our first QUIZ, tomorrow.  During math with a partner, the students will create 3 digit numbers using their digit cards and round those numbers to the nearest 100 and then the nearest 10.  They will use math vocabulary, from our word splash, to engage in math discourse with their partner.  Finally, during the technology rotation the students will finish taking notes on the Learn Zillion lesson and then practice rounding numbers to the tens and hundreds using the ABCya web site.

We will have a math QUIZ tomorrow covering rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred and the nearest ten.

ALL math groups practiced rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100 and the nearest 10, and explaining how they used place value to do so.

In between our first and second rotations we went to art.

Today was a flyer distribution day.  SO, after math, we passed out papers and then it was time for dismissal.

No worries...we will get to science and social studies once we get our literacy and math blocks running smoothly.  It's a process!  :-)

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