Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, we had a discussion about the school expectations; being respectful, responsible, and part of a team.  This was a result of issues we have had with not following directions, laughing at and during a teacher's instruction, talking back to adults, etc.  We also reviewed the school's behavior flow chart.

Then we began our literacy block.  First we reviewed how good readers use the text and their background knowledge to make inferences as they read.  Then we reviewed the concept of the common good (social studies) and I modeled how to pick a topic, rehearse my ideas verbally, and then complete a planning sheet to prepare for writing.

Next I reviewed and modeled today's independent tasks for our literacy block.  First the students will "read" the wordless picture book, Pancakes for Breakfast, twice.  The first time for enjoyment.  The second time they will complete a chart in their reading journal, on one side identifying what they see in the illustrations and on the other what they can infer.  They will chart three inferences they make.

After that, they  selected a topic from their list and rehearsed their ideas orally with a partner (collaboration).  Then they completed the planning sheet in preparation for writing about a time they helped the common good.

Once they completed those tasks, they practiced writing the letters, i, t, u, w, e, l, and b, in cursive.

Finally, they chose to practice their reading, practice keyboarding, or exchange books in the media center.

While they worked independently, I continued my informal reading assessments.  We did take a Go Noodle brain break midway through the independent work block.

After enjoying outdoor recess and lunch, we had a discussion about being responsible.  I stressed the importance of using the flip chart to remember what they should be doing and how to set up and complete the work correctly.  Additionally, I explained the importance of asking question when they are confused.  I told them it is their job to stop my teaching and ask questions and it is my job to find a way to explain it in a manner in which they can comprehend.

During this time, I also gave them assigned seats on the carpet.  I truth, I hate doing this, but I am hoping this will improve behavior and attention during my direct instruction.

Next, I reviewed and modeled today's math rotations.  During the teacher led small group instruction we will continue rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100.  During math with a partner, the students will create 3 digit numbers, using their digit cards, and then practice constructing a number line, with benchmark numbers, to round the number to the nearest 100.  Finally, during the technology rotation, students will finish viewing the Learn Zillion lesson, about creating numbers lines and identifying benchmark numbers, and taking notes in their math journal, using the format in our daily flip chart.  I did spend some time modeling, again, how to watch the lesson and take notes.

As the children worked, I met with small groups.

Group 1:  We practiced making number lines, identifying benchmark numbers, and determining whether to round up or down, using different 3 digit numbers.

After Group 1, the children went to art.  When they returned we continued with math rotations.

Group 2:  We practiced making number lines, identifying benchmark numbers, and determining whether to round up or down, using three digit numbers.  We also reviewed the box method to round to the nearest hundred.  Then students practiced using the strategy that works best for them.

Group 3:  We began by rounding three digit numbers to the nearest hundred.  Then we extended our learning to round 4 digit numbers to the nearest hundred.

Unfortunately, due to behavior chats and practicing routines we ran out of time for a formal science or social studies lesson.  I'm sure we will get to this next week!  :-)

There is a homework post on the Google Classroom homework page.

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