Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 3...Back to School Night!

First things first, Back to School night is this evening, beginning at 6:30.  I hope to see you all here!!

This morning the students finished their Instagram pictures and sentences.  Then we reviewed the morning routines and learned  about the expectations when borrowing books from the classroom library.  In short, if they want to read my books they need to put them away in the proper place.  :-)  We also identified Dojo rewards for individual and class Dojos.

After that, several students had the chance to share their "All About Me" bags.  It was fun to learn new things about each other.

Next we took a Go Noodle brain break.

Then we reviewed our TASS skills (collaborate and analyze).

Today we began identifying behavior expectations for Read to Self, Read with a Partner, and Listen to Reading.  These are components of the Daily 5 which we will incorporate into our literacy block. Once we established these, the students bookmarked the Wims web site and the Third Grade web site on their Chrome Books. Then they used the Third Grade web site to get to the Storyline Online web site and listen to the story, Catching the Moon.

After listening to the story individually, we re-listened as a class and defined and identified examples of personal and academic goals.

By this time the students were ready to enjoy outdoor recess and lunch.

When we returned to the classroom, after lunch, we reviewed lunch procedures and expectations.  We also defined body language and practiced identifying how different non-verbal behaviors might be interpreted.

Then we shared more "All About Me" bags.

Finally, the children completed their "All About Me", Google Slide presentation, which you will view this evening.  Then they ended their day in music, while I attended my weekly collaborative planning meeting.


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