Friday, September 11, 2015

Fabulous Friday!!

This morning, after reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, we reviewed our morning routine and TASS skills for the marking period.  Then we began our literacy block.

First I explained how I use screencasting to personalize instruction.  Throughout the year, I will create lessons using Educreations.  The students will view these lessons as any times as needed to understand the skill or task.  I create many screencasts to help with writing.  The children are encouraged to view these lessons as they write, pausing along the way.  We watched a screencast of my personal narrative rough draft together so they could ask questions as to how to use it to help them be successful.

After that, we discussed how asking questions can help a reader comprehend text.  Then we used the front cover and title of the book, My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, to create some "before" reading questions.  We also reviewed that good readers have questions as they read.  These too aid our understanding of a text.

During independent work time the children listened to the story, My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, and answered our "before" reading questions, using the text, on a chart in their RRJ.  Then they worked on their personal narrative.  Some students had to complete their graphic organizer first.  Then they all rewatched my Educreations lesson and began drafting their own paragraph in their writing journal.  After that, they finished any cursive sheets from earlier in the week.  Finally, they were able to choose between practicing reading, practicing keyboarding, or visiting the media center.

As the students worked, I continued with my informal reading assessments.  We also took a Go Noodle brain break halfway through our independent work block.

After our literacy block the children enjoyed outdoor recess followed by lunch.  When we returned to class we began our math block.

During the small group, teacher-led instruction we worked on rounding numbers to the nearest 100.  During math with a partner the students used their digit cards to create 3 digit numbers and then constructed number lines to identify benchmark numbers and round it to the nearest 100.  Finally, during the technology rotation the students revisited the Learn Zillion lesson about identifying benchmark numbers and finished taking notes in their math journals.  Then they visited the Learn Alberta web site to practice place value and number forms.

Group 1:  We practiced using number lines or the box method to identify benchmark number and round 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100.

Group 2:  We practiced using number lines to round 3 digit numbers to the nearest hundred.  Then we began using number lines to round two digit numbers to the nearest ten.

Group 3:  We practiced using number lines to round 3 digit numbers to the nearest hundred.  Then we began using number lines to round two digit numbers to the nearest ten.

After our math block we discussed the need to use the flip chart as a reminder of what the children are expected to be doing.  Additionally, I reminded them that I expect them to be responsible and put effort into their work.

Then I introduced the homework writing journal.  Every Friday the children will bring in a piece of writing, in their homework writing journal and share it with the class.  The students have glued these directions into the front of the journal.  The first assignment is due next Friday, September 18.

As we were reviewing the expectations for the homework writing journal we had a fire drill.

When we returned we began the crumpled butterfly activity.  The children drew and decorated a butterfly that was special to them.  Then, during the group share of our class meeting, the students shared their butterfly, explaining why it was special.  Next, I told them to crumple it up.  They were shocked!  After, I asked them to smooth it out...but, of course, there were crinkles that remained.  I explained that this is what happens when we say unkind words and act in a rude or disrespectful manner towards another person.  You can apologize and make things kind of better but there will always be some remnants of pain or hurt that remains.  We discussed how what we say or do, just like the crinkled paper, can be mended some, but never completely erased.  I encouraged the children  to keep their butterfly as a reminder!

Have a great three day weekend!

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