Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning the students read quietly or practiced keyboarding.  There was no book exchange.  After the announcements we began our math rotations.

During the small group, teacher-led instruction, I began meeting with the students participating in the compacted math assessment portfolio.  These students completed the fifth and final task.  The other groups counted, located and labeled thirds and sixths on a number line.

During math with a partner, the students used data gathered from the entire class about the number of siblings each classmate has and represented it on a line plot.  Of course, math discourse was the expectation!  Students had a variety of materials available to them so that they could create an original line plot.

Finally, students visited the Internet site, Fraction Flags, to practice identifying and representing fractions as they created flags.

We will have a math quiz tomorrow covering fractions on a number line and line plots.  For HOMEWORK there is an assignment linked to Google Classroom, homework page.

After math we took a Go Noodle brain break and then reviewed the independent work tasks for literacy block.

First students will complete independent guided reading assignments and a word work activity.  Then they will brainstorm a list of topics for their realistic fiction picture book.   Next they will watch videos about friction and define it and describe 2 examples of friction producing heat in their science journal.  After that they will practice H, K, and X in cursive.  Finally they will practice reading, writing or keyboarding.

Tigers:  We reviewed visualizing what we read by creating pictures, or a movie, in our minds.  Then we practiced using this skills as we whisper read pages 42-44.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread pages 42-44 and visualize what they read.  They also need to do rainbow words (#9 from the new chart) with their word work words.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more guided reading groups.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread chapter 13 then, in their RRJ, they explained what Amanda was doing on page 67 and why she was doing it, in their own words.  They also did a meaning check using 10 of their word work words.  In group we discussed the symbolism of Amanda throwing the doll overboard and why Jemmy kept playing with the lion's head door knocker.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 14 and do "look, say, cover, write, check" with their word work words.

Lions:  The students reread chapter 14 and explained the last line on page 92, in writing in their RRJ.  They also did a meaning check with 10 more of their word work words.  In group, we reviewed their meaning checks.  Then we defined mocking and discussed how weather can effect peoples bodies (ie. aches and pains).  Finally we discussed the last paragraph on page 92. Before dismissing the group, we discussed how to use the context of the text to determine the meaning of unknown words and then replace those with more familiar ones.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 15 and list unknown words with page numbers on a sticky note.  They also need to write the rest of their word work words in print and then in cursive.

Panthers:  Independently the children reread chapter 8, again.  Then they completed "look, say, cover, write, check" with their word work words.  In group I introduced character traits as words that describe how a person acts or thinks,  I gave the children a chart of character traits to glue into the back of their RRJ and use as a resource.  We reviewed each word on the chart and discussed using an online resource, in the future, should they forget the meaning of a word.  Then I modeled identifying a character trait for a student in group and using 2 examples to support my thinking.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read for 10 minutes, free choice, and do rainbow words using each of the word work words.  I modeled how to do this for the children but it's also #9 on their new activity sheet.

The students ended their day in PE.

Remember we are having a math quiz tomorrow.

Our Valentines Day party is Friday from 1-2.

Writing homework entries are due Friday.

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