Monday, February 23, 2015

Marvelous Monday--another 2 hr. delay

Due to the 2 hour delay, students came in, and either read quietly or practiced keyboarding, and then went straight to lunch.

When they returned to class, we took a moment to discuss the upcoming PARCC assessment and to run an update on our class Chrome Books.  Our practice session, for the PARCC, will take place tomorrow morning.

After that, we began math rotations.  Generally, when we have a 2 hour delay, we miss math and jump right into our literacy block, but because of the PARCC practice tomorrow, and our in-house field trip on Wednesday, I didn't want to miss math today.

This week, in math, we will be identifying and generating equivalent fractions.  So, during the small group, teach-led instruction, we used pattern blocks to begin identifying equivalent fractions.

During math with a partner, the students reviewed fractions using an activity called Fraction Avenue.  Of course, discourse was expected.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the students watched, and took notes on, 2 Learn Zillion lessons. One lesson addressed identifying equivalent fractions using area models.  The other explained identifying equivalent fractions using number lines.

For HOMEWORK  there is an assignment on Google Classroom, homework page.

After math, we had a very short period of time before going to music.  So, instead of having our regular literacy block, we took time to focus on planning the plot of our realistic fiction picture books.  First, I modeled planning 3 events (2 failed and 1 successful) to get from the problem to the solution.  Then, a couple of children took risks to share their problems, solutions, and events.  Finally, the students returned to their seats to identify the events, on index cards, for their own story.

After our writing lesson, the students ended their day in music with Ms. Guerra.

Tonight's homework:

Writing - entry due Friday
Math - Google Classroom assignment
Reading - read for 10 minutes, free choice

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