Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, we began our math rotations.

During the small group, teacher-led instruction, students practiced locating and labeling improper fractions and mixed numbers on a number line.

During math with a partner the children generated data by using a spinner with winter items on it.  They represented the data using a bar graph and a line plot.  Finally, they answered questions based on the data.  Math discourse was expected throughout the task.

During the technology rotation, the students played Battleship Number line to practice locating fractions on a number line.

For HOMEWORK there is an assignment on Google Classroom, homework page.  Additionally, I sent an email blast explaining my expectations.  There will not be a quiz tomorrow...we will be doing a practice session for the PARCC assessment.

Following lunch and indoor recess I reviewed the list of independent work for today's literacy block.  Students will begin with an independent guided reading assignment.  Then they will complete a buddy check using their word work words.

Next they will begin planning their realistic fiction story.  I modeled doing this.  I began brainstorming a problem that actually happened to me and then started wondering what might happen if the events were tweaked a bit, until I arrived at a problem and solution that felt right.  Then I explained to the class that we will be using index cards to help us plan our story.  Today, we will use three index cards.  One index card will identify the main character and setting.  The second will name the problem, and the third will state the solution.

After completing the three index cards, the students will view a Brain Pop Jr lesson about continents and oceans.  Then they will complete a map of North America using a link on the third grade web site.  Finally, the students will work on the fake "Facebook" page representing their assigned African American.

As students worked independently, I met with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  In group we completed a buddy check using our word work words.  This is our second week with these words and the children struggled with many of them.  For HOMEWORK the children need to complete look, say, cover, write, check, using their word work words and then read for ten minutes, free choice.  We will begin our new book tomorrow.

Leopards:  Independently the children reread chapter XVI and XVII and then, in their RRJ, explained why the people on the ship were afraid of the island.  In group we began by sharing their mnemonic sentences...these were SUPER but I feel so badly that the children spent so much time writing them.  Next we shared the student's RRJ responses.  Once again, their answers were correct but were awkwardly worded.  So, we drew a line of learning in their RRJ, and crafted a well constructed response.  For HOMEWORK the students will practice their word work words, free choice, and read chapter XVIII.

Lions:  Independently the children reread chapter 17 and, in their RRJ, explained how Dr. Aker helped to keep the schools closed and the Germans from examining the patients.  They also did a buddy check with their word work words.  In group, we shared the pictures they created with their word work words for homework last night.  We also discussed how Dr. Aker helped to keep the schools closed and the risk he took by tricking the German soldiers into being too scared to examine the patients.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 18 and define the word "curfew" on a sticky note.  They also need to practice their word work words, free choice.

Panthers:  Independently the students reread chapter 2 and identified a character trait to describe Uncle Max.  They also did a buddy check with their word work words.  In group we discussed how the mood of the chapter changed from chapter 1 and why.  We revisited the text to identify words the author used to describe the changes.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 3 and list unknown words on a sticky note.  They also need to complete look, say, cover, write, check, with their word work words.

The children ended their day in art.

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