Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Terrific Tuesday--Practicing for PARCC

This morning, after reading quietly, exchanging books in the media center, or practicing keyboarding, we participated in a practice session for the PARCC assessment.  The purpose of this activity was to familiarize the students with the actual test.  Students were encouraged to play around with the navigational tools and explore the types of questions they will encounter.

For more information about the PARCC, and to view sample questions, click here.

After the students completed the practice session, we gathered on the carpet and I modeled how I would use the navigational tools to answer questions.

Then we took a Go Noodle brain break.

After that we reviewed the list of independent work tasks for today's literacy block.

Today all groups will complete an independent guided reading group assignment.  Then they will cut apart and put their initials on the back of the new word work words.  After that, they will finish planning out the plot, events leading from the problem to the solution, for their realistic fiction picture book.  Next they will work on the map of North America and then finish the fake "Facebook" page representing their assigned African American.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students worked on their independent work while I met with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  First we did a word wort with our new word work words.  This lesson focuses on the long u and short u sounds and spelling patters.  After that I introduced our next book, Freckle Juice.  Then, after the children did a quick preview of the book, we read pages 11 and 12 out loud.  For HOMEWORK the students need to do a header sort with their new word work words.  They also need to reread pages 11 and 12.

Panthers:  Independently the students read chapter 4 and, in their RRJ, identified a character trait to describe Ivy.  Then they used two examples of her word and/r actions to support their choice.  In group we began by sorting our new word work words.  This cycle is focusing on the long I and short I sounds.  Then we briefly discussed chapter 4.  For HOMEWORK the students need to do a header sort with their new word work words and reread chapter 4.

Leopards:  Independently the students read chapter XIX and, in their RRJ, explained the mood in this chapter using 2 examples from the text to explain it.  In group we sorted their new words work words and then began discussing chapter XIX.  Once again, there was some confusion.  So, we revisited the chapter and reread it together.  For HOMEWORK the students will read chapter XX, and list unknown words, and do a header sort with their new word work words.

Lions:  Independently the students read chapter 19 and explained the problem, and how it was solved, in their RRJ.  In group we began by doing a sort with their new word work words.  Then we discussed the problem in chapter 19.  Finally, we briefly discussed the concept of a concentration camp.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 20 and list unknown words.  They also need to do a header sort with their new word work words.

Our day ended with an impromptu "chat" about expectations during independent work time.  There have been too many students not completing their work and entirely too many interruptions during my guided reading groups.  I spent time clarifying my expectations and providing the class a chance to express frustrations and ask questions.  Hopefully, a little refresher is all that was needed!  :-)

There is no math homework this evening.

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