Friday, January 30, 2015


Just wanted to let you know that our day got off to a bit of a rough start.  During arrival some students teased a child in another class and many of our friends stood by and giggled.  We discussed this as a class and I feel quite certain they will make better choices in the future.

Once we got settled the students took the math quiz (formative).  These have been scored.  Look for them in home folders this evening.

After math we took a Go Noodle break and then reviewed today's independent work assignments, including their first word work activity during literacy block.

All groups will begin by completing an independent guided reading group assignment. then they will complete their informative paragraph stating where authors get their ideas.  Next they will finish science activities listing sources of light and heat.  Then they will complete a word work activity.  Tigers and Panthers will illustrate 10 words.  Leopards will use 10 words in a sentence and Lions will complete a meaning sort.

Before we could begin our independent work, we had a fire drill.  Then it was time for lunch and indoor recess.

After recess the students got started on their independent work tasks and I met with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  The children began by completing a word sort with their word work cards.  Then I reviewed last night's word work homework.  After that we retold the main events in their book, thus far.  Next the children whisper read pages 16-19 to find out what Kate does next.  Finally, we discussed how events in stories build upon each other....similar to cause and effect...and we identified the events that led to Kate going out to help the Midnight Express even though it was a dangerous situation.

Panthers:  Independently the children read chapter 4 and listed unknown words on a sticky note. They also illustrated 10 of their word work words. In group we reviewed yesterday's RRJ assignment, identifying the main characters, setting, and conflict in their book.  The students struggled, a bit, with the conflict, which led to some great discussion. Additionally, we identified examples of events building on one another in text.  Specifically, that it was Anna's insistence that she go to school that led them to getting stuck on the train.  Next we identified as a source we can use to find the meaning or pronunciation of unknown words in text.  Finally, we reviewed last night's word work homework.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread chapter 5 and, in their RRJ, described Miss Trippett's reaction to Amanda's decision to go to America.  Additionally, they chose 10 word work words and wrote sentences for each.  In group we reviewed last night's word work homework and shared some of their sentences.  Then we discussed Miss Tripett's reaction to Amanda's decision and identified evidence in the text that supported our thinking.  Next we reviewed how the actions and/or words of a main character impacts and leads to events in a story.  Finally, we discussed using as a resource to determine the meaning and/or pronunciation of unknown words in text.

Lions:  Independently the students reread chapter 5 and summarized the main events in their RRJ.  They also did a meaning sort using their word work cards.  In group we reviewed last night's word work homework and shared the different categories the students came up with for the meaning sort today.  Then we shared their chapter 5 summaries.  Finally, we discussed how to identify unknown words in text and use a resource, such as, to identify the meaning or pronunciation of the word.

After our literacy block students had the chance to share homework writing journal entries.

Then we ended our day with a class meeting.  During our group share we brainstormed ways that we could earn a Wims Wonderful Wildcat award.  After that we exchanged thank yous and compliments.  Finally, we discussed how we could cut back on the disrespect, both to me and towards other students, that takes place in our classroom.  It was a bit eye opening for me...overall, the students feel that I am too lenient and I should be giving more reflection sheets.  I was truly surprised by this but appreciated the children's honesty.

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