Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thrilling Thursday - Winter Concert

Today we have a couple of changes in our on to find out about them!  :-)

After reading quietly, visiting the media center, or practicing keyboarding skills, we began our math rotations.

During the small group teacher led instruction we continued to locate and label fractional parts on a number line using Cuisenaire rods.  During math with a partner, students used our fraction word splash to engage in discourse as they completed the fraction flap activity.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students visited Sumdog to identify and name fractional parts on a number line.

For HOMEWORK there is a Khan Academy lesson and game linked to a Google Classroom (homework page) post.

After math we took a Benco Brain Break and then moved onto our literacy block.

Today, during literacy block, the students will start by completing independent guided reading group activities.  Then they will view a Brain Pop Jr. lesson about eating right and create a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  After that they will practice writing the letters x, y, and z in cursive.  Then they will watch the story, Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers, and rate it on their BES capture sheet.  Finally, they will practice reading or keyboarding.

As the children work independently, I will meet with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  We began by doing a speed word sort with their word work words.  Then we set up a page in their word work journal for their header sort, which they will do this evening for HOMEWORK.  After that, I reviewed the characteristics of historical fiction and did a book introduction for their new novel, Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express, by Margaret Wetterer.  We didn't get a chance to begin reading it, though.  WE will do that tomorrow!  :-)

Following lunch and outdoor recess we visited the media center.  Mrs. Allaire introduced the inquiry project for the third marking period to the class.  This marking period the children will be writing and illustrating a realistic fiction story.  Today the students began watching videos of authors speaking about where they get their ideas.  As part of the planning process for the inquiry project, the children will watch the videos and take notes regarding where author's get their ideas, how they create their characters and the process they go through to get a story written and published.

When we returned to class the students worked on their independent tasks, which now included watching author interviews and taking notes on the capture sheet, while I met with guided reading groups--but not all due to our visit to the media center and the school's winter concert.

Lions:  Independently the students reread chapter 1 and, in their RRJ, identified a title for chapter 1 and explained their choice.  In group we began by reviewing using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words.  Then we reviewed the students' lists of unknown words from last night's homework.  Next we discussed chapter 1.  I reminded the students that good readers stop every paragraph or two to play a movie in their minds depicting what they just read (visualizing) and if they can't see it, they need to stop and reread.  For HOMEWORK the students need to finish their classwork - reread chapter 1 and name and explain a title for the chapter in their RRJ.

Leopards:  Independently the students read chapter 2 and wrote a "right there" question to ask the group.  In group we began by sharing the list of characters and traits from last night's homework.  Then we ran out of time.  :-(  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread chapter 2.

Panthers:  Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to meet in group today.  So, they do not have formally assigned reading group homework.  Independently they reread chapter 1 and identified and explained 3 examples of Grandpa being fussy, in their RRJ.

The children ended their day by enjoying the first ever Wilson Wims ES Winter Concert!!

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