Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday and ANOTHER 2 hr Delay!

So, once again,t he students came in and it was time for lunch!!

When they returned to the classroom we discussed these interruptions to our regular routines.  I explained that I am aware that we have missed math twice in two weeks but sometimes teachers have difficult decisions to make.  I had to decide whether to miss math, again, or miss part of literacy block.  I took a few things into account when deciding what to do.  First, we had already planned NOT to have a quiz in math this Friday.  So, we would have time to have a lesson during a time slot that we typically do not do rotations.  In essence, we are gaining math time this week.  Additionally, I need all students to complete the quarter 2 inquiry project before the end of the day Friday.  So, it is imperative that they have time to do so.  Therefore, we did not have math rotations today and we proceeded with our regular literacy block.

Today students will begin with independent reading group assignments.  After that they will finalize their written inquiry project and work on the multimedia Google Slides presentation.  After that they will practice writing the letters n, m and v, in cursive.  They will also identify and explain the heating and cooling processes used to create a usable object out of a given material, using the "How It's Made...." video.  Then they will listen to the BES nominee, This  is the Rope:  a Story of Migration, and rate it on their sheet.

While the students work independently, I will meet with guided reading groups.

Tigers:  The students read over page 5 and underlined r-controlled words independently.  Then, together, we reviewed their r-controlled vowel charts that they worked on for homework, read page 5 and highlighted the r-controlled vowel words.  Next we reviewed cause and effect.  Then I gave the students a cause and they reread page 5 and determined the effect.  These were recorded on a chart in their RRJ.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread page 5 and add the highlighted words to the r-controlled vowel chart in their RRJ.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread pages 9 and 10 and added an example of cause and effect to the t-chart in their RRJ.  In group we began by sharing what surprised the students and questions they wondered as they read pages 9 and 10 for homework.  Then we shared their examples of cause and effect they identified independently today.  Finally, I explained that one way to determine important information about a topic is to read different pieces of text on the subject and take note of repeated information in the various sources.  For HOMEWORK the students will read pages 11 and 12 and identify 2 important facts on a sticky note.

Panthers:  Independently the students read page 13 and added the cause, "Men broke off large rocks of salt with strong tools.", to their t-chart.  Then they determined the effect, from their reading, and added that to the chart.  In group we began by reviewing the effect they identified for homework last night, after reading page 12.  Then we moved on to share and discuss the effect they identified after reading page 13.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 14 and 15 and identify the effect for the cause listed on the t-chart, in their RRJ, "Salt is easy to find."

Lions:  Independently the students reread pages 11 and 12 and identified the effects of three causes I identified for them.  In group we shared and discussed the items that surprised the children and that they wondered about, as they read pages 11 and 12 for homework last night.  Then we reviewed the effects they identified during independent work today.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 13-15 and identify something surprising and a question they are wondering on a sticky note.

After our literacy block we discussed the ways that changes in technology have influenced the way we live. We compared where people settled in the past and the present and what influenced their decisions.

The students ended their day in PE with Mr. Benco.

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