Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Report Card Day

We began our day with our weekly class meeting.  During our group share the students identified one change they would make to our class.  Next we exchanged compliments and thank yous...and there were a lot to share!  :-)  Finally, we discussed challenges.  Today's challenges included not over loading the lunch buckets and picking up pencils, and other objects, off the floor.  Both of these issues came from students' mouths...refreshing!!

Next we began our math rotations.  During the teacher led small group instruction we focused on identifying the knowns and unknowns in word problems in order to write equations (using a variable) that represent and solve the problem.  The students played basketball multiplication during guided practice.  This was a fun game to help memorize those pesky multiplication basic facts.  Finally, during the tech rotation, the children revisited the Internet site that poses word problems and provides a video taped explanation of how to find the answer.

For HOMEWORK there is an assignment on Edmodo.  This is posted to Edmodo as a note so the students do not "turn in" anything.  They need to watch the linked video (linked to the note in Edmodo) and then post a reply about 1 thing they learned.  I also encouraged the students to read their peers' replies and comment on one or more of them.  I am trying to encourage math discourse.

At the beginning of the reading and writing block I did a quick mini writing lesson.  First we reviewed various ways to hook our readers.  Then we read and discussed the 3 model introduction paragraphs in the students' inquiry project planning packet.  You can access this through the third grade web site (inquiry projects, MP 4).  Finally, I modeled writing my own introduction paragraph suing the page in the inquiry project planning packet.

While I met with reading groups the students completed independent reading group assignments.  Then they drafted the introduction paragraph for their issue inquiry project.  After that the children completed the natural resources and Arachne myth activities that were assigned on Monday.

Sharks:  First we defined and discussed the concepts of effort, motivation and persistence.  Then we  identified new vocabulary from the first chapter of their new book, The Three Brothers.  After that we read the first chapter.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread chapter 1, pages 2-4. 

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  The students reread The Greedy Goat.  In group we discussed the idea of letter patterns and how knowing them can help us decode words.  After sharing some we have already studied, I introduced the -ight pattern.  Then we practiced reading and writing words that use the pattern.  After that the children spread out their word bag cards and had a chance to share words and identify the letter pattern in the word.  For HOMEWORK the children need to practice reading their word bag cards and write the -ight words, in their RRJ, two more times.

Cheetahs:  The students added vocabulary entries for sprawling, shore and peak, to their RRJ.  In group we reviewed the meanings of these words.  Then we read 4  more pages and identified John Henry's motivation for getting a job on the railroad.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read up to the sticky note and list unknown words.

Due to a fire drill, I met with Pandas during the beginning of science.

The students completed the habitat illustrations that show how living organisms get their basic needs from their environment.  We will share these in the morning.

Pandas:  The students wrote about Paco's motivation for leaving home in their RRJ.  IN group we discussed this and reviewed their lists of unknown words from homework last night.  For HOMEWORK tonight, the students need to read chapter 2 and list unknown words.

REPORT CARDS went home today!  These are yours to keep!!

There is a canned food drive all week. 
Friday is crazy sock day.

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