Thursday, April 24, 2014

Take Your Child to Work Day

A lot of you did just that!!!!  We had ten students in class today, plus my own son, Jason.  While we didn't begin anything new, we made great use of our time!!

During math we made two groups instead of our usual three.  When working with me the students analyzed a word problem and wrote equations, with a variable, to represent and solve it.  The other rotation was a choice.  The children were able to choose between visiting the Internet site Thinking Blocks to practice solving word problems involving multiplication or they could play the clip and cover game we did in small group earlier this week.

After that, the children went to music.

When they returned  we revisited the independent work assignments from the week.  Then I explained that today would be a good day to receive extra, individualized help.  So, for the rest of the day, I worked with individual students on their inquiry project and traditional tales assignments, while the rest of the children worked towards completing their assignments for the week.

There is NO homework tonight.

There will NOT be a math quiz tomorrow.

I did NOT meet with reading groups today or do a social studies lesson--half the class was absent!

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