Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in art.

When they returned to class we reviewed the math rotations and listed them on the white board since the Promethean Board was not working.

During the teacher rotation the students first listed and discussed various strategies to solve the fact, 6x9.  Then I reiterated that I expect students to use the strategy that makes sense to them and works!!  After that, the students completed part of an activity that required the use of logic and multiplication, addition and subtraction.  As they worked, I leaned in and had each child to explain their thinking.

At guided practice the students played Multiplication Chance, again, to help them memorize the basic multiplication facts.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the children worked on solving word problems, involving multiplication, by visiting the Thinking Blocks, site.

For HOMEWORK the children have a worksheet to complete but there were two different assignments determined by their performance during the teacher rotation today.

After math I had to attend an in-house meeting.  So, under the supervision of Mrs. J, the students got started on their independent work.

First, any student who was absent yesterday needed to read the Chinese folktale White Wave.  After that, all students watched an Educreations lesson (3rd grade web site - inquiry projects MP 4, paragraph 2) which captured me teaching and modeling how to draft the second paragraph for the issue inquiry project.  Next, the children used the iPad to read or listen to information about how vanilla, chocolate and rice are harvested and processed into food and materials that satisfy human wants and needs.  Finally, the students watched the traditional tale, King Midas, and completed a comprehension activity focusing on effort and motivation.

The students have been told that the inquiry project, paragraph 2, the natural resources activity and the King Midas worksheet are all due by the end of the day Friday.  Any work not turned in will receive an N, unless the student works out a different arrangement with me BEFORE Friday.  :-)  We began this process (identifying essential tasks and making the due date Friday) the week before Spring Break and it yielded great success!!

Following lunch and indoor recess the children continued working independently.  Due to a few scheduling issues I was only able to meet with the Dolphins.

Dolphins:  We revisited the -ight spelling pattern.  Then the students whisper read Jack and the Beanstalk, as I leaned in to listen and provide support and praise.  AS they read they marked the problem and solution with sticky notes.  For HOMEWORK they need to reread the book.  PLEASE leave the sticky notes in place for tomorrow's reading group discussion.

ALL OTHER GROUPS need to read for 15-20 minutes--free choice!

We ended the day with science.  First we debriefed and reviewed what the students have learned on their own, via technology, about natural resources.  Then we viewed a map that identified the natural resources found in Maryland.  Finally we watched a video to learn how to save natural resources.

BTW...some students have a line through the bottom of the math homework sheet.  I had to make a quick change to my homework plans...students are to complete problems 7, 8 and 9, even if there is a pink line through the problems.

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